Why is Gerard Piqué a substitute with Xavi Hernández and how long does he have a contract?

Why is Gerard Piqué a substitute with Xavi Hernández and how long does he have a contract?

Gerard Piqué ceased to be the undisputed starter after fourteen seasons wearing the Blaugrana colours.

&iquest Why is Gerard Piqué substitute with Xavi Hernández and until when does he have a contract?

Piqué has a contract with Barcelona until 2024. (Photo: AFP)

A complicated situation for a Barcelona player. Two days have been played in LaLiga Santander 2022-23 and Gerard Piqué was not present on the field of play on any date. The Catalan defender lost ownership of him with Xavi Hernández and here we will explain the reasons why he does not have the same consideration.

Xavi is going out in his starting eleven with other players instead of Piqué so that they defend the central part of the area. Christensen and Éric García occupied the positions of central defenders and Araujo has been playing a full-back role.

In addition, Barcelona has not yet registered Koundé, but he is one more defender who is in the Blaugrana manager's options, which is why the 35-year-old historic player has a more complicated chance of playing due to the high competition.

Why is Piqué an alternate?

In statements to the press , Xavi detailed the Catalan subject: “Until they said the captain, I didn't realize it. I don't look at names or ages or anything. I look at performance and that the team benefits. I look around the group. Jordi has turned out well. Sergio Roberto too. Pique will leave. They have to do and help the group, whatever minutes they have.”

When does Piqué's contract end?

The central defender is one of the most outstanding footballers of the last decade at Barcelona and hopes to make history for a few more years. Gerard Piqué has a link with the club until June 2024, which has no confirmation of a possible renewal.