Why I Live: Did you notice the mistake that crept into the movie?

Why I Live: Did you notice the mistake that crept into the movie?

Why I Live: Did you notice the mistake that crept into the movie?

Grégory Lemarchal: this error that Internet users have noticed in the biopic of TF1 The viewers of Why I live broadcast this Monday on TF1 welcomed the performance of Mickaël Lumière, incredible in the skin of Grégory Lemarchal. On the other hand, if they were conquered by the biopic, they still noted a small error in a scene from the TV movie. And that made the tweeters talk a lot …

This error that internet users noticed in the TV movie about Grégory Lemarchal

This Monday, September 7, 2020, Grégory Lemarchal's biopic, Why I live , was broadcast on TF1. A TV movie validated by the sister and parents of the singer who left too early. The French were thus able to immerse themselves in the life of the winner of Star Academy 4 , welcoming in passing the performance of Mickaël Lumière who gave an interview to PRBK. But Internet users have also spotted an error that slipped into a scene. While Grégory Lemarchal was a child, he went with his mother Laurence Lemarchal (Odile Vuillemin) to a supermarket. And there, the sequence is fast but on the CD shelves which make dream the future artist, one can see albums which date after the death of the young man.

In fact, the tweeters took screenshots of the scene, showing opus from Aya Nakamura, Eva Queen, Kendji Girac or even Trois cafes gourmands. Except the scene is supposed to take place in 1998. None of these music stars were famous at the time. These albums in question date from 2015 to 2020, knowing that Grégory Lemarchal won the Star Ac in 2004 and that he died in 2007 of cystic fibrosis, it is a sacred inconsistency. A small mistake that made people react on Twitter.

The tweeters also point the finger at cars that are not vintage

While the Why I Live team has managed to transform its actors so that they look like the real people they play, on the other hand, it is missed for the authentic side. Because in addition to this error in the scene with the CDs, Internet users have also been numerous to point out that in terms of the cars used in the TV movie, there is also a problem. Indeed, several viewers tweeted that at the time, the Toyota Yaris and Renault Zoe cars did not yet exist. The first generation of the Toyota Yaris arrived in France in 2001 and the Renault Zoé is an electric vehicle created from 2012.

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