Why do you need and how does work the WordPress site protection

Why do you need and how does work the WordPress site protection

The website owners often complain about the WordPress security on the Internet. There is an opinion about the vulnerable to all sorts of attacks script with the source code. And a lot of people worry about it in reality and wonder about the importance of provision issue. So let try to figure it out.


Why Do Websites Need Protection?


The WordPress Digital Agency professionals always care about reliable client`s resources protection from any hacking. But a human factor should be considered all the time. WordPress is the one of the most popular open source content management systems and it’s free for everyone.

On the one hand it is available. This feature attracts a large number of users, for whom this network is actively developing and improving. But on the other hand, its popularity has made it vulnerable enough for cybercriminals who seek to hack websites in order to steal, obtain personal data, use at their own discretion, or even on order, for example from competitors. So it is only a part of the possible reasons. This means that high-quality security settings should become a mandatory stage in the development of any web resource.


How can be a reliable security provided?


The only answer on this question is the comprehensive way of WordPress security. It means you should not install simple unverified code while using WordPress Security Service so the website will definitely be at risk zone. Therefore, it is necessary to consider everything, every detail and trifle even it only seems to be.

So, experts highlight a number of recommendations with a particular importance while setting up. So they include:

1. Regular backups. You should have several copies of the web resource on different media in order to restore it as quickly as possible at any time in spite of with complete confidence in the impossibility of hacking. And do not forget to update them periodically while resource`s developing.

2. Reliable passwords and unique usernames. Everything is logical here, if you set up a login ‘admin’ and choose a pin code ‘12345’ so every schoolchild can guess it. Although admin1234 will not work too – crackers use special selection data programs. Therefore, it is worth of creating something more complicated so make this selection data program to be confused in calculations and to be broken.

3. Prevention of the leakage. Continuing the previous point passwords need to be changed periodically. Thus, the system will immediately offer to change the password that was previously used in the attack before.

4. Refusal from VPN and public Wi-Fi networks. This is also logical, while using the IP change program, or when entering the admin panel using public Wi-Fi, information passes through outside servers and takes the risk of being exposed.

No matter how these advices are trivial, these simple actions already guarantee the slightest security. And this is what the owners of web resources should take care of first of all. But this is not the end.


Why a professional help is so important?


No matter how hard you try you can be wrong. So do not you rely on luck, and do not you think a few measures taken will be enough. It does not work this way, and this is not enough. Therefore, professional help is definitely needed.

Here’s what the specialist will do in addition to all the previous tips:

1. Scanning for the malware. A deep scan is performed to detect the presence of virus software as a part of the full setup, to eliminate infected files and to make sure that there is no hidden harmful code even in the kernel of the resource.

2. Determination of the location and manual blocking. If an outside login attempt is detected during the scan, the specialist will immediately determine its location and block access to the web resource for this country. Also a specialist can block manually any IP address with any suspicious activity excluding even the possibility of an attack.

3. Two-factor authentication. This measure makes an access the control panel impossible to unauthorized persons. Every time the administrator enters the admin panel, a special code is sent to the device specified by him, only after entering this code, he can continue working.

4. Software installation. It will provide the hiding of the passwords, blacklisting the blocked IP addresses, detecting the file`s changes, registering the visitors’ data and time spending on pages. All of this this will help you to take the necessary actions to prevent hacking quickly when excessive outside activity is detected.

5. SSL certification. All data between users and the website will be encrypted after that measure.

The issue of protection has high importance, so there is no need to postpone it and leave it to chance. After all quick identifying and fixing weaknesses will eliminate the problem before it leads to serious consequences.

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