Why Checo Pérez considers Carlos Slim as his second father

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The Mexican driver highlighted the role that the son of the Mexican tycoon has had throughout his career in motorsports

Why Checo Pérez considers Carlos Slim his second father

Checo Pérez highlighted the relevance of the Slim family in his career (Photo: CUARTOSCURO)

With the arrival of Formula 1 in Mexico City, the Red Bull driver Sergio Pérez was able to have more moments of coexistence with the fans of his country of origin. In a dynamic that consisted of a live broadcast from the verified Instagram account of Arturo Elías Ayub,The native of Guadalajara, Jalisco, took the opportunity to talk about aspects of his personal life and highlighted the relevance of his coexistence with Carlos Slim Domit, whom he cataloged as his second father.

< p class="paragraph">“Carlos is a second father to me. Since we started, when I knew him for six or seven years, he has been a second father to me. I have had a much closer relationship with him, beyond a sponsorship. He worried about me at the beginning , in my personal part , for guiding me with good values, with good principles and I will always thank you for that beyond sponsoring my career and putting me where I am. He worried about me, about me,” he declared.

How did Checo Pérez meet Carlos Slim?

Since childhood , both Sergio and his brother shared a taste for the adrenaline of motor sports. The influence was the responsibility of his father, the current federal deputy of the National Regeneration Movement (Morena) Antonio Pérez Garibay, who in his youth stood out as a pilot and consecrated himself as the national champion of the Marlboro Cup in 1987.

In this sense, the two sons of Antonio Pérez ventured into minor motor racing competitions in the state of Jalisco, but it was not until 1997, when Checo turned seven years old, that the The family had contact with businessman Carlos Slim Helú and his eldest son. His talent and passion for the discipline were reason enough to take them into account when Slim Domit promoted the creation of Escudería Telmex.

Sergio's taste for competition aboard Formula cars was driven by the interest of the Slim family. In the first instance, he became one of the promises of Escudería Telmex but over time, when the young driver decided to venture into international competitions, Carlos Slim Domit endorsed his support through the sponsorship of your platform.

At one point in the characters' careers, Antonio Pérez Garibay had to distance himself from managing Checo Pérez's career. The investment of large amounts of money from the coffers of the richest family in the country necessarily meant that Carlos Slim's eldest son was in charge of making decisions in the pilot's sports career.

It was thus that the man from Guadalajara managed to make his way. In 2005 it became known on the European continent as part of Formula BMW, as well as in Germany. His journey in Formula 2 took him to the highest circuit of motorsports and in 2010 he appeared as a test driver. A year later he established himself as the main driver for Sauber and continued for various teams such as McLaren, Force India, Racing Point and Red Bull Racing.

Antonio Pérez even declared, in an interview with Mara Patricia Castañeda, that both Carlos Slim and Arturo Elías Ayub were key to Checo's arrival at the Austrian team.

“We returned to Mexico and about 15 days later he invited us to dinner at his house, his mother, his brothers and a server. We arrived, there was a Red Bull and Red Bulls cake on the table and he didn't need to tell us anything, we already knew what it was about. We hug him, we kiss him and he tells us: 'I just signed with Red Bull thanks to Carlos'. Carlos and Arturo Elías made a great negotiation for Checo to be in the Red Bull team, something that had already been lost, ”he recalled.