Why are the girnicho-metallurgical giants of Krivoy Rog

Why are the girnicho-metallurgical giants of Krivoy Rog

At “mіstі metallurgists i gіrnikіv” combines quickly produce saline ore, chavun and steel, and they direct workers at simple ones. The reason is not less for the war of Russia against Ukraine.

On the cob of lime is the largest metallurgy industry in Ukraine “ArcelorMittal Kriviy Rig” has transferred most of its 22 thousand of its practitioners to work mode speeds. Another giant galusi – “Metinvest” oligarchs Rinat Akhmetov and Vadim Novinsky – at the same time, having voted about a grain of vidobutka of saline ore at three of its own gas-oil processing plants (GZK) near Crooked Rose: Pivnіchny, Pivdenny and Inguletsky.

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In the city of metallurgy and steel workers, they call it “steel heart” Ukraine, the news was alarming. At the birch, if the Russian army was on the steps to Kryvyi Rih, the military combinats were already thumping, but with the onset of the attack, they began to resurrect virobnitstvo. Нинішня ж ситуація загрожує майже мільйонній місцевій агломерації різким падінням бюджетних надходжень, визнав у розмові з DW голова місцевої  військовій адміністрації Олександр Вілкул, який і сам колись керував криворізькими ГЗК.

Кар’єрні глибини< /strong>

Pershotravneviy car & # 8217; one of the largest in the city. Vіn is a majestic pit with a size of 3 km by 2.5 km and 400 meters of steepness. The path of technological roads to the very bottom takes about two years. A sprinkling of the great-looking BelAZs on the day of the car’ra z of an observant maidan and not seen.

Andriy Skachkov was the leader of the First Travne Car’ru of the Pivnіchny GKZ

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Pivnіchny GZK is idle from the middle of the earth, the general director Andriy Skachkov complains. That in the car’єrі sogodnі so deserted not through the teeth of the boot, but just out of the blue – everyone is getting ready for a mass vibe, which will bring forth a new layer of ore. “Ale vibuh is simple, you can order less than two excavators and up to a dozen cars – not enough, – tell the general director. – You can hear the beep – preperedzhennya about preparing to vibuha. But why so early, let's talk about 11?”.

It appears that it is not a factory horn – at the Crooked Rose, I’ll deafen the alarm in a short time …

“ explains the head of the transport department, Sergiy Tirlich, of the construction of hangars with car’cars by BelAZs and “Caterpillars”. Workshop – one of them is not rich, after the teeth were born, the robot was tripled, the rest of the workers were corrected for the sake of simple savings, two thirds of the salary.

In 2021, Pivnіchniy GZK has more than increased the output of pellets and ore concentrate, like the whole group of “Metinvest”. That іz zakhoplennym Mariupol won lost control over the largest metallurgical plants, where earlier it ruled over the most important part of the ore syrovina. The company traditionally sold the superfluous to China and Pivdenno-Skhidnoy Asia, running the sea from the Black Sea ports. Ale stinks are blocked with the cob of Russian invasion, while it’s still a long way to go about unblocking only grain exports under the threat of a food crisis.

“Earlier everything was just – 300 kilometers to Odessa and far away by sea, and at the same time a thousand kilometers to the entrance crossing, shifting to a greater width of the wheel, then through the whole of Europe to the Baltic Sea and already staring at China, & # 8211; rozpovidaє CEO Andriy Skachkov. – Logistics grew from 30-40 dollars per ton to 100 dollars”. With this, Andriy Tarasenko, an analyst at the GMK Center galley portal, the price of syrovina in China, for example, black cherries, was 115-120 dollars per ton.

Problems in the galley started even before the beginning of a full-scale war between Russia and Ukraine. The rate of steel production in Ukraine for the remaining two years increased by more than half through the increase in the rates of rent for the production of ore and the increase in prices for energy. “At the bag, the number of galuz, as it worked successfully, became beaten”, – stating Tarasenko.

“Krovorіzhstal” became

On “ArcelorMittal Kriviy Rig” (AMKR), the famous “Kryvorizhstal”, as the axis has already been deprived of the record of Ukrainian privatization for 17 years, since the ear of war has already called for increased respect for journalists. On Wednesdays, the combine conducts excursions.

At the moment, the only working blast furnace number 6 is to melt chavun. “Won only give a pig chavun, wine is not recycled, – rozpovida DW the head of the largest professional organization of metallurgy and metallurgists in Ukraine (PMGU) at the undertaking of Natalya Marynyuk. – Two coke oven batteries out of six – coke was imported from Donbas earlier. The work of the mine was revived, two section-rolling shops began to work”.

What are you up to? gіrnicho-metallurgical giants of Krivoy Rog

Part of the staff was mobilized, part of – vistedulyu downtime

From the beginning of the war, PMSU took as a metaphor for the mobilization of workers “Kryvorizhstal” – They are already close to two thousand, maybe 10 thousand per cent of the staff. The trade union buys food for the front, sews bulletproof vests, cooks carcasses, donates humanitarian aid to workers from the IndustriALL global network. And quiet, who, having lost his undertaking, the trades union is trying to protect him from being short-tempered.

& # 8220; We are fighting for the administration in a peaceful hour, but at the same time, like protest actions. Well, stink to go nasustrich. We got home to go to the entrance hall for a few days without saving wages – so go ahead and save your work time”, – say Marinyuk.

In “ArcelorMittal Criviy Rig” explain the reasons for the shortness of time, so just like at the Pivnіchny GZK. “Prices for rolled metal are falling, and our costs for logistics have grown, and we are no longer competitive in the market”, – CV in a nutshell DW Artem Filip’ev.

Profitability is not only for steelmakers

І “Metіninvest”, and ArcellorMittal none of them lay the biggest blame for the speed of production on the Ukrainian order. That podvischiv z lipnya tariffs of the state “Ukrzaliznytsia” for the transportation of vantazhіv for 70 vіdsotkіv, bypassing the traditionally prepared procedure for the weather with the business. “The increase in tariffs for aphishing fall to the market increased the logistical costs and became unbearable for the business, which caused the need for a radical shortening of the bills for the usual directives”, – I repeat the AMKR at the notice about the rapid production of the 27th lime.

I from the sickle at the plant for three months we assign the work of the labor and welfare department, and the laborers can also transfer to two-thirds of the salary. Until then, having been recently praised by the law, the plant will no longer pay the average salary to mobilize workers from the military workers.

Why are the mining and metallurgical giants of Kryvyi Rih worried

State tariffs &# 8220;Ukrzaliznytsia” for the transportation of vantazhіv grew by 70 vіdsotkіv

“Increased tariffs “Ukrzaliznytsia” – tse 8-10 dollars per ton, the same margin, as we could save at the time of export to China & # 8221;, & # 8211; appoints Andriy Skachkov, director of the Pivnichny GZK, at the DW branch. “If business sits at the same level with the state and will develop a new regulatory policy, if we can get into these factors, if we can’t get into it, then our businesses will live a new life”, – vyslovlyu nadії director Pіvnіchny GZK.

And vtim, in “Ukrzaliznytsia” (UZ) push on your own. Undertaking, as it took on the burden of military logistics, you can also talk about the power of profitability. & # 8220; UZ for the first half of the past half of the past year, a small amount of 1.4 billion hryvnias was beaten. “Metinvest” – three billion dollars of net income. So, it's wrong to rahuvat other people's pennies. Ale tse varto razumiti, if we start talking about tariffs, & # 8211; explaining for example the black head of the government “Ukrzaliznytsia” Oleksandr Kamishin, – The railroad tariff for the transportation of railroad ore to Ukraine after the lower tariff will still be lower by 3.5 times for the Polish one. Ukrainians have been preparing for a long time for European integration by stepwise transition to European tariffs. Great business can go this way”.

Natalya Marynyuk also knows that great profits from ArcellorMittal can help support workers in Kryvyi Rih and accept no wage savings for mobile workers. Однак Профспілка металургів і гірників України слідом за галузевими об’єднаннями своїх роботодавців та іншими бізнес-асоціаціями українських підприємств теж звернулась до уряду з проханням скасувати підвищення тарифів “Укрзалізниці”.

Dzherelo: DW Ukrainian Service