Who will go to China a group of experts to identify the causes of origin, coronavirus

Who in early July sent to China a group of experts to investigate the circumstances of the spread of coronavirus. This will help to identify the causes of the origin of infectious diseases.

ВОЗ отправит в Китай группу экспертов для выявления причин происхождения коронавируса

The first case of infection COVID-19 in the world recorded in China, so Beijing claim some States. For example, the US accused China in the spread of coronavirus. Chinese scientists have repeatedly made statements about the natural origin COVID-19. Washington does not believe these words and criticized the who allegedly “evasive” to China. The head of the world health organization tedros adhanom Ghebreyesus at the briefing on June 29 announced the dispatch of an expert group in Beijing. With the help of experts plan to understand why the infection has spread almost all over the planet.

The head of the who recommended not to “relax” because the coronavirus has not yet shown itself to 100%. In some countries recorded a decrease in the number of people infected with coronavirus, but that is no reason for carelessness. According to the forecasts of physicians, the distribution of COVID-19 only gaining pace. Thus, a temporary change in trends suggests that the situation is close to a favorable conclusion.

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