Who: the epidemic COVID-19 in Russia began to stabilize

The situation with the epidemic of coronavirus infection of the new type in Russia has passed the stage of stabilization. This statement was made by the representative of who in Russia, Melita Vujnović.

ВОЗ: Ситуация с эпидемией COVID-19 в России начала стабилизироваться

“It seems that the situation in the country is already in a stabilization phase,”she said. The specialist who added that despite the slowdown in the distribution COVID-19 in Russia, it is necessary to take measures aimed at further reducing the number of new infections citizens. “This is a sensitive point which demands to continue to adhere to the norms of distancing, even if some of the restrictions will be lifted. The same applies to the careful observance of rules of personal hygiene, detection of new cases, testing of the population, proper treatment and isolation,” – said Vujnović.

According to the who representative in Russia, tracking all contacts of infected persons and their compliance with the quarantine – critical points that will help maintain the positive trend in the fight against COVID-19. “This is very similar to the marathon, so I would say that we are at the moment is somewhere half way”, she concluded.

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