Who left the show “Dance with stars-2020” on the third air

Who left the show “Dance with stars-2020” on the third air

Find out which pair will no longer appear on the floor

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Who left the show

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On Sunday, September 13, a live broadcast of the show “Dance with Stars-2020” took place. Last week, Dmitry Tankovich and Ilona Gvozdeva left the project. Which of the participants joined the dropped out – find out further in the material.

The third issue of “Dances with stars-2020” was dedicated to love. Last evening, the invited judge was Nadia Dorofeeva, and the presenter on the balcony was Vladimir Dantes.

Memorable performances were the numbers of Yulia Sanina, as well as Santa Dimopoulos, who impressed with her passionate rumba. TV presenter Olga Freimut, who had previously been on self-isolation due to coronavirus, also took to the floor.

Let us remind you that according to the rules of the show “Dancing with stars”, the judges' marks are summed up with the scores from the viewers who voted for their favorites during the entire live broadcast.

Who left the show

So, two couples got into the risk zone – alyona alyona and Yuri Gurich, Slava Kaminskaya and Dmitry Dikusar. And the second couple to leave the show were Slava and Dmitry.

Watch the performance of Slava Kaminska and Dmitry Dikusar in the third issue of “Dances with stars-2020”:

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