Who is Vlado Mirosevic, the new president of the Chamber of Deputies in Chile

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Aged 35, he was a student leader in Arica. He comes to office after a disputed election

Who is Vlado Mirosevic, the new president of the Chamber of Deputies in Chile


Cristián Torresfrom Santiago, Chile

Who is Vlado Mirosevic, the new president of the Chamber of Deputies in Chile

Vlado Mirosevic comes from the north of Chile and was one of the main faces of the Approval campaign in the constitutional plebiscite where the Rejection triumphed (Twitter photo: @vladomirosevic)

The parliamentarian Vlado Mirosevic< /b> was elected as the new president of the Chilean Chamber of Deputies.

The decision was made after a contested election that ended with 77 votes for Mirosevic in the second round. His closest opponent, deputy Miguel Ángel Calisto, obtained only 73 votes.

Deputy Carlos Bianchi was left with the first vice-presidency while Catalina Pérez, from the Democratic Revolution (RD) party, was left with the second vice presidency. Both obtained 79 votes in favor.

With the election of this new board of directors, the ruling party continues to maintain power in the Lower House, which was a priority for the sector of Gabriel's government Boric, because in this place they will have to debate projects of great importance such as the Pension Reform that entered Parliament at the beginning of this week.

Mirosevic's victory puts an end to a time marked by controversy after an administrative agreement signed last March that proposed the deputy of the Communist Party (PC), Karol Cariola<, was not respected. /b>, as leader of the Lower House. At the time of lowering this candidacy due to opposition pressure, the PC accused that it was the victim of a “veto” against it.

Who is Mirosevic

Vlado Mirosevic, 35, is a political scientist of Croatian descent who was born in the city of Arica, in northern Chile, on May 23, 1987. He studied at the Colegio Andino and served as a student leader, becoming president of the Federation of Secondary Students of Arica and Parinacota (FESAP).

In 2006 and 2007 he was director of the digital newspaper El Morrocotudo de Arica, and is a recognized promoter of journalism. He has collaborated with the expansion of the Network of Citizen Newspapers of Chile (Mi Voz), which has created newspapers in 14 regions of the country. In 2005 he was named as one of the 50 Young Leaders of the country.

In 2013 he founded the Liberal Party of Chile where he was president. In 2014 he was elected deputy with 14,301 votes and joined the permanent commissions of Ethics and Transparency; Auditor of Accounts; Extreme Zones and Chilean Antarctica, among others.

In 2017 he was re-elected deputy for the First District of the Arica and Parinacota Region and in August 2021 he reached his third election to Parliament with 16,819 votes. He currently chairs the Chilean Extreme Zones and Antarctica Commission and is a member of the Treasury Commission.

Mirosevic was one of the most active spokespersons in favor of the Approval option for the Constitutional Convention proposal along with Karol Cariola, which was criticized by the opposition although it did not tarnish his election as the new president of the Chamber of Deputies.

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