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September 5, 2021 by archyde

The U.S. military plane that took off from Kabur airport has attracted world attention. It was announced that the gates of Kabul airport would be locked and sealed at midnight on August 30. It was doubtful whether it was the morning of the 30th of August or the night of the 31st. The confusion was resolved when the Pentagon announced that the last US military plane would depart before 11.59pm on August 30. An additional 660 people were rescued by Chris Donahue and his troops after 11.59pm on August 30, according to a Fox News reporter. Their list was also released.

Slovakia says it did not have a special mission soldier on board the last U.S. military plane to take off from Kabul airport. The Slovak army has denied reports that one of the US troops rescued from Afghanistan was a member of a special Slovak mission. With this, the mysteries about that person continue. No one has yet revealed who that person is. The Slovak army’s correction is based on reports that it opened the gates of the airport longer than the Pentagon announced on the morning of August 31 and rescued the last possible person.

29 29 people with US passports (including non-US citizens residing in the United States)

582 Afghans

36 contractors who do not disclose personal information

A NATO officer

12 12 people from the New York Times

Someone from Los Angeles Ties

A member of the Slovakian Special Task Force

The question of what the last Slovak mission member on this list was doing until the last minute was soon raised by many. On August 28, The Slovak Spectator reported that a Slovakian special mission team had arrived in Afghanistan for a rescue mission. The mission was to rescue 28 Afghans. Six of them have residency permits in Slovakia. The rest were their family members.

At the same time, the Slovak army itself has officially denied reports that a member of this Slovakian task force has returned on the last US Air Force plane. We have been able to rescue all 28 people we need from Afghanistan. Slovakia and the United States were the last countries to carry out rescue missions from Afghanistan. But a spokesman for the Slovakian military denied reports that a special task force had escaped on a US Air Force plane.

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