Who is “Satan”, the dangerous hitman of the Aragua Train captured in Chile who will be extradited to Venezuela

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He belongs to one of the most powerful drug crime groups on the continent. He was arrested in March of last year

Who is “Satanás”, the dangerous hitman of the Aragua Train captured in Chile who will be extradited to Venezuela


Cristián Torresfrom Santiago, Chile

Who is “Satan’, the dangerous hitman of the Aragua Train captured in Chile who will be extradited to Venezuela

The profile of "Satan" the feared hit man from the Tren de Aragua arrested in Chile and claimed by Venezuela

Chilean Supreme Court Justice María Cristina Gajardo agreed to extradite Hernán David Landaeta Garlotti, alias “Satanás”, one of the most dangerous Venezuelan hit men, a member of the international criminal organization Tren from Aragua.

The request of the Venezuelan justice was accepted by the Supreme Court of Chile, although an appeal was announced that could stop the process, so until the issue is resolved, the offender will remain in a prison in that country.

The handbook of “Satan”

Venezuela's request is based on one of its most emblematic crimes. It happened on April 13, 2015. That day, Willians González was walking down one of the streets in the state of Aragua in Venezuela. On his way he met Hernán David Landaeta Garlotti, 25 years old and known in the criminal environment as “Satanás”. After a confrontation, the member of the criminal gang shot González more than twenty times.

In the request text, processed through the Chilean Foreign Ministry, it is explicit that Shortly after two months after the murder in Aragua, the Venezuelan police arrested Landaeta and the rest of his accomplices. For this reason, he was charged with the crime of qualified homicide in what was considered a murder with treachery.

His police record did not stay in Venezuela. Already at 18 years old, he held various causes in his country. Notorious homicides for being especially attacks on police officers, which earned him the title of “cop killer”.

He went through the Alayón prison in Venezuela. Also by Tocorón, located in the same state of Aragua. His criminal record, in addition to the homicides, also listed the assassination . It was in one of these prisons where “Satan” wrote another of his criminal stories, Landaeta, he smuggled two grenades with which he managed to escape by exploding them, which also left two dead.

Interpol took charge of his search and he fled to Peru with a doctored identity. Constantly on the move, he joined a gang called “Los Caraqueños”, a cell of the Tren de Aragua . He participated in different crimes, including the assault on a shopping center in 2018 from which he also managed to escape.

But he did not have the same luck in 2019. After participating in a new crime against a Peruvian police officer, in Lima, in the context of a family kidnapping, he was arrested and brought before the justice of that country.

The media provided details of Landaeta's personality, described as a criminal with a highly violent and bloodthirsty connotation. The testimonies made reference to characterizing himself for having cold blood at kill time.

Who is “Satan”, the dangerous hit man from the Aragua Train captured in Chile who will be extradited to Venezuela

" Satan”: the dangerous criminal when he was captured in Peru (Peruvian Police)

In Chile, “Satan” would have entered through unauthorized passages.There is no record of his arrival. On March 25, 2022, he was captured by Chilean civil police (PDI) officials in the city of Iquique, a northern city located 1,700 kilometers from Santiago, the capital. The record used by the Prosecutor's Office was extensive, among which are; illicit association, kidnapping for extortion, robbery with intimidation, kidnapping with homicide, identity theft, illegal possession of ammunition and human trafficking for the purpose of sexual exploitation. Crimes for which he was wanted in Chile until the moment he was arrested.

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The “yes” to extradition< /p>

The Minister of the Supreme Court who agreed to the extradition, María Cristina Gajardo explained that in her ruling she considered that Landaeta's presumption of innocence “is in full force”,Therefore, together with the fact that his defense is satisfied with the decision. The magistrate also commented that “this court has not considered the case to wait to complete a long trial that is looming, given the scale of the crimes in Chile with the wear and tear that this implies, and has preferred to grant extradition without further ado.” “This does not imply leaving it without sanction. Since in the supposed case that once he has served his sentences in Venezuela, he tries to enter our country again, our system will resume the case and he will be able to follow the corresponding course due to the trial that is now in force,” he added.

National Prosecutor announces appeal

Once the news about the feasibility of extradition is known, the new Chilean National Prosecutor, Angel Valencia, reported that they will appeal the decision of the Supreme Court to avoid the extradition of the dangerous member of the Tren de Aragua. The magistrate hopes that the defendant for kidnapping and other crimes will be prosecuted in his country. “We hope that ultimately, the Supreme Court accepts our proposals and that the process against this individual in the country can continue,”, he added.

In addition, he reiterated that the efforts of his administration at the head of the Public Ministry will be focused on two criminal phenomena; “mainly in the fight against corruption entrenched in the municipalities and in the fight against organized crime”, he closed.

Currently, “Satan” is in pretrial detention in the Alto Hospicio prison, in the Tarapacá region, charged with the crime of kidnapping, with a free hand for extradition in the first instance, although awaiting the final decision of the highest court that must rule on the appeal announced by the Chilean National Prosecutor.

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