Who is Pepe Costa, Messi’s friend and advisor who accompanies him in the midst of the crisis with Barcelona

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These are decisive hours in the life of Lionel Messi, in his sports career and also in personal appearance. If the flea ends up arranging his departure from Barcelona Soccer ClubNot only will he leave behind a club that sheltered him for 20 years, but he will also do so with the city he adopted as his own and in which, among so many things, he started a family. This is how the left-handed man spent these last days secluded in her mansion in Casteldefels and surrounded by her loved ones, like her father Jorge, his brother Rodrigo, his wife Antonela, his three children Thiago, Mateo and Ciro, your partner and friend Luis Suarez and with Pepe Costa.

This ephemeral list of individuals that are part of the inner circle of the six-time Ballon d’Or winner is already known, it is known who each one is and what role they occupy in it. ‘Clan Messi’ except for one: the last.

If you quickly google his name together with the surname of the Rosario star, he will surely find that this Thursday they played paddle tennis together at home of the 33-year-old deantero, an activity to which Leo He turned to wear out tensions in this moment that he has to go through. Those with more memory and consumers of the streaming series will detect that it is one of the characters that appears in Matchday -the series of Netflix which recounts the beginnings of the 2019/20 season of Barça- in one of its chapters sharing a barbecue with the Argentine, the Uruguayan and Jordi Alba. But who is Pepe Costa really?

Messi eating barbecue in the trailer of the Barcelona series

Costa is, perhaps, for a few years, who best knows and treats the ’10’ Blaugrana best in the football environment. Some call it “The achiever” of Barcelona, why He is in charge of finding solutions for the members of the football team, although everyone knows that today he fulfills, especially, the functions of spokesperson, companion, manager and, if necessary, bodyguards of Messi. What is said: an inseparable friend.

Tall, stocky, almost always smiling and showing almost all of his teeth, he can be seen next to Leo when arriving or leaving an airport, watching a game in the box, in a training session for Barcelona or the National Team, in the tunnel that leads to the field in any game, together with the rest of the Barça players, or in any photo of the flea related to ball sport themes.

Former central marker, emerged from the lower divisions of the Culé (The Farmhouse), Costa he retired playing for Murcia and Sabadell (another Catalan team). Staying in the football environment allowed him to interact with Sandro Rosell, then a company executive Nike in Brazil, and there he lived for several years. When Rosell took over as vice president of the Barcelona In the management of Joan Laporta, and 2003, se He took Pepe to manage the player service office, Although he ended up much closer to Messi than the rest of his teammates due to a question of affinity.

Messi plays paddle tennis with Luis Suárez

When the conflict with Laporta and Rosell took over his position, it was believed that the fate of Costa was played, but not only resisted and continued with his friend in the presidency, but was able to continue even with Josep María Bartomeu, the current president, although he also experienced some troubles.

Costa had a bad time at the end of 2014, by internal political movements when Luis Enrique Martinez was the team’s technical director in its first of three seasons and the relationship with Messi and others of his companions was very tight.

Luis Enrique -now coach of the Spanish team- I didn’t have a good relationship with either Costa or Marcelo Daddy D’Andrea, physiotherapist Albiceleste and another of Messi’s best friends, and also, the dressing room did not get along with him then team manager of the team, Emili Sabadell, who responded to the general manager of the club, Antoni Rossich.

Although Costa’s role is to assist the players in their integration into the city and the club, it can be said that he is much more focused on solving Messi’s problems than the rest. He has a free hand to travel with him to Argentina in each call for the national team (a role in which he replaced the club’s physiotherapist, Juanjo Brau) and was replacing his father, Jorge Messi, in some procedures and representations.

Who is Pepe Costa, Messi’s friend and advisor who accompanies him in the midst of the crisis with Barcelona

Lionel Messi enjoys his holidays with Pepe Costa and Cesc Fabregas (Grosby)

For Messi is more than a friend, is a kind of second parent. On certain occasions they usually speak in code (“Did you bring me that?”, “Are you going to do what you told me?”) And they usually go on vacation with the family, in addition to having been, logically, at their marriage. Then he stayed in Rosario, on a mini vacation, with the families of Luis Suárez and Cesc Fábregas, two of the best friends of the best player in the world. He also usually travels with the Messi to different events, such as advertising promotions or award ceremonies around the world.

Some prefer to define it as a “security guard” of their companion and It is usually very strict protecting the privacy of the soccer player. He has even said no to Gerard Piqué in home recordings in airplanes so that the Flea could rest and he can even exaggerate like a time when some girls approached Messi to take a picture with him. They were the nieces of Tamara Gorro, TV presenter and partner of Ezequiel Garay. But behind them was Pepe, with his frown, and he also appeared in the image, in the background, behind the star.

In November 2017, just when Messi was relieved by qualifying for the World Cup, Costa had an accident with his bicycle, with a pelvic fracture that kept him away from the Barça dressing room for several months and could not be when Messi was given the Golden Boot.

Who is Pepe Costa, Messi’s friend and advisor who accompanies him in the midst of the crisis with Barcelona

Pepe Costa and his wife

Pepe Costa’s son, Álvaro, He also lived in Brazil and was very important for Barcelona due to his very good command of Portuguese and his inherited ability to relate to the players and the football environment, such as in the adaptation of Neymar, when he arrived in 2012 from Santos.

Such is the friendship of Messi with Pepe Costa, that the day before her wedding she invited a lunch just for her intimates, including the team manager From Barcelona, Gabriel Milito, and the former goalkeeper Jose Luis Pinto. Milito arrived in Rosario from Buenos Aires, while Pinto and Costa, from Barcelona. “Nooooo !!! Do you know what 12 hours of travel will be with Pepe? Leo, here we go! ”, Pinto published in Instagram, before leaving.

In good and bad, to be your soul support or to make your way on the public highway, Pepe Costa, spokesperson, secretary, bodyguard or team manager, however you want to interpret it, it is always there, next to Messi. And this time, when the flea you are in charge of one of the most important decisions of your life, is no exception.

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