Who is Hugh Bird, the engineer who would have harmed Checo Pérez at Red Bull

September 13, 2021 by archyde
Hugh Bird, Sergio Checo Pérez’s race engineer at Red Bull (Photo: Youtube / Red Bull Racing Honda)

The second half of the season Czech Pérez did not start in the best way in Red Bull, because in the three races that have been contested after the summer holidays, the results of the Mexican driver are far from what was expected at the beginning of the year, especially due to the contrast with his partner, Max Verstappen.

Despite the fact that the circumstances are different in each of the races, in the last two there is special criticism of the team’s strategy and its radio communication, especially after the last debacle in the race. Italian Grand Prix, where a mistake cost a podium as third place for Sergio.

Because the main eyes of the fans fall on their own Czech; in the director of the team, Christian Horner, and in the trusted advisor, Helmut MarkoNot many know who acts as Pérez’s right-hand man each weekend.

Who is Hugh Bird, the engineer who would have harmed Checo Pérez at Red Bull

Sergio Pérez crossed the checkered flag in third place; However, due to a penalty he was relegated to fifth place and was left without a podium (Photo: REUTERS / Lars Baron)

Is about Hugh Bird, the career engineer of Sergio perez and who is in his first season in command of a car of Red Bull, since despite accumulating several years within the organization, he had never before performed in this position of vital importance for the proper functioning of a team of Formula 1.

For the first time in your career, Czech he has a racing engineer younger than him; However, this is not synonymous with inexperience for Bird, since it presumes a curriculum that seems to be up to the task to occupy this type of responsibility within Red Bull.

Hugh he is an engineer for Red Bull Racing and Red Bull Technology in simulator performance and analysis, key dependencies in any team of Formula 1. In fact, his past as a simulator performance engineer since 2015 allowed him to be promoted to career engineer in 2021.

Who is Hugh Bird, the engineer who would have harmed Checo Pérez at Red Bull

Hugh Bird, Sergio Checo Pérez’s race engineer at Red Bull, is in his first season with this position (Photo: Youtube / Red Bull Racing Honda)

He also has a master’s degree in Mechanical and Fluid Engineering from the University of Cambridge, so its work within Red Bull not only lies in giving directions to Czech radio, but his experience and wisdom are essential for the physical preparation of the RB16B of Pérez.

While Paul Monaghan serves as chief engineer of the team, two of its major subdivisions lie in the performance engineer, where Bird already had five years of experience, and in the career engineer.

The first focuses his time on the electronic configuration of the car and, according to Simon Rennie, leader of the simulation engineering group in Red Bull, “Takes care of things like the differential setting, the way the brake balance is formed, the electronic control systems and how they are mapped.”

With these responsibilities relegated, the goal of the career engineer It is “setting the levels of the wings, the ride height, the stabilizer bars; in addition to taking care of the tires, the legality of the car and parts of the construction process “, according to the portal of Red Bull Racing.

Who is Hugh Bird, the engineer who would have harmed Checo Pérez at Red Bull

Sergio Pérez receives instructions from his race engineer, Hugh Bird, during each Grand Prix (Photo: REUTERS / Massimo Pinca)

For this reason, even though the criticism in the Italian GP pointed to Hugh Bird for not responding to Pérez to return the position to Charles Leclerc, his work with the car is much more complex than just giving directions in the race to Czech.

Both make up a team that only works with good feedback between both parties, so the experience will be crucial to improve the car and eventually communication, since mistakes such as running out of time in the rankings are only the product of inexperience.

Secondly, Gianpiero Lambiase serves as a career engineer for Max Verstappen since he became a pilot of Red Bull, so communication and understanding is much more oiled with the Dutch, in addition to its extensive experience within the category.

As a curiosity, Lambiase also worked with Czech Pérez in 2014 within Force India, but the following season he joined Red Bull.


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