Who is Fabio Quartararo, the young man who threatens Marc Márquez?

Who is Fabio Quartararo, the young man who threatens Marc Márquez?

In the absence of Márquez, the young Frenchman Fabio Quartararo repeated his victory in Jerez and confirmed himself as his great rival. “I'm here because Marc took me to the limit last year,” he acknowledges

Who is Fabio Quartararo, the young man who threatens Marc Márquez?

« Marc Márquez is a very fast rider, but I cannot compare myself. I have to win a lot before I can do it ”, commented a boy, Fabio Quartararo , in an interview with EL MUNDO when he was only 15 years old. It was the end of 2014 and he had spent the whole year, as he had already done in 2013, despairing his rivals in the Spanish Speed Championship (CEV). Despite seeming obvious, in that statement about Márquez – “I have to win a lot before I can compare myself” – Quartararo was wrong and it would take him five years to understand. For him, as for all aspiring MotoGP champions, the path was only one: win in Moto3, win in Moto2 and, then, the top. But in reality, as you now know, success can be promoted in several ways.

That Quartararo is today the leader of the World Championship, that he has won the first two races at Jerez and that he threatens the future of Marc Márquez is understandable because of his talent, but he is a rarity in motorcycling. Because right now the Frenchman should continue in Moto2 or he could have gone to the Superbike World Championship or some lower category.

Of Sicilian descent, his father Etienne was a locksmith in Nice and an amateur racer in the 1980s, but it was his uncle Alain who got him on a motorcycle at the age of three, who discovered his gift. Shortly after, there was no longer a championship in France to hold him back and all that remained was to cross the border. From an early age, Quartararo competed in Spain, where he was sponsored by an Alfás del Pi family and where, with milestones such as being the first foreigner sponsored by the RACC or the youngest CEV champion, he won a contract in Moto3. “The new Márquez” was announced on his arrival in 2015 and damn announcement.

In his second race in the World Cup, Quartararo got on the podium, in the seventh he repeated, but then he entered a spiral of bad decisions, excess of expectations, injuries and problems with his teams from which he would not leave in years. Specifically until June 17, 2018. That day, after suffering a lot in Moto3 and Moto2, Quartararo won a race, his first, in Montmeló, in the middle of the season, and it turned out that it was the perfect time to do it, that it would save his career. When he won, Dani Pedrosa had just given up riding in the Yamaha MotoGP satellite team, when he won, the team had decided to bet on some talented young man instead.

The rest is history. Last year, in his debut with the majors, he astonished with six poles and seven podiums – he was fifth overall – and this year he is even more serene, more mature. Last season, Márquez put him through the unspeakable in multiple direct duels, in Misano or Thailand, and now he seems more prepared. With a style very different from that of Márquez, hardly tilting, driving on the lines, imitating the driving of the best Jorge Lorenzo , now Quartararo hopes that the current champion recovers to be able to measure himself against you.

«With Marc it will be more difficult to win, but the beauty is that someone takes you to your limit. If I am here today it is because last year Marc took me many times to my limit ”, the Frenchman commented this Sunday after repeating the script from the previous week: demarcation in the first laps and a solo race. He could not be chased by Maverick Viñales , who took advantage of Francesco Bagnaia's breakdown to finish second, nor Valentino Rossi , who returned to the podium at the age of 41.

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