“White” list of Russian artists to appear in Ukraine

“White” list of Russian artists to appear in Ukraine


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In Ukraine z’appear "bіliy" list Russian artists. We have passed the draft law No. 7273-d, praised by the Verkhovna Rada.

Russian stars, like they have consumed until the end, can, like before, tour in Ukraine, and now music is played on the radio and music channels.< /p>

The musician is not guilty of being included in the list of osіb, as if they are creating a threat to national security (“black” list of the Ministry of Culture).

Vikonauts must be included in the list, if they filed an application with the SBU and a declaration to support sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine at internationally recognized cordons. The declaration is also venerable:

  • a call to the aggressor power to negligently instigate aggression against Ukraine;
  • goiters' about support of aggression against Ukraine;
  • annual publication of such a declaration;

Directly and update the list of Aparat RNBO on the official website.

Preparing : Sergiy Daga