White House to ask the US Congress for another $13.7 billion for Ukraine

White House to ask the US Congress for another $13.7 billion for Ukraine

The administration of US President Joseph Biden ask the US Congress to see Ukraine provide additional assistance in the security and economic sectors with an increase of $11.7 billion, as well as $2 billion for assistance in domestic energy supplies, to compensate for the inflow of electricity into the energy market.

The White House asks the US Congress for another $13.7 billion for Ukraine

“We created the world to support the people of Ukraine and protect their democracy, and we simply can’t allow the support of Ukraine to end,” a representative of the administration told the journalists, I don’t name any kind.

Zakrema, White House, ask Congress to approve $4.5 billion for military equipment and replenishment of supplies to the Pentagon, $2.7 billion for defense and additional research for Ukraine, and $4.5 billion for budget support for Ukraine.

Request from $2 billion for support of internal energy sources is divided as follows: $1.5 billion for fuel for nuclear reactors and $500 million for the modernization of the Strategic Oil Reserve.

The White House declares that the funds are necessary for boosting the pace of helping Ukraine through the first three months of 2023 to financial rock, which starts on the cob of zhovtnya. A spokesman for the administration said that about 3/4 of the koshty, previously praised by Congress for Ukraine, has already been stained and seen.

It seems surprising that the Congress, on a bipartisan basis, has already praised the vision of over $53 billion in aid to the security sector, the economy, and humanitarian assistance for the anti-Russian invasion of Ukraine. At Bilom Domi, I can, cich Koshtiv to wound up to the Kinzi Fіnansi Rock.

“Office Party, I will have a dopomoga of Ukrainian, I won the worship of the Six -Mymymynchi attacks. in the rest of the funding for financing,” write a vidannya.

For an additional increase in funding for Ukraine, White House also ask Congress to approve additional billions for financing entries the federal order to fight the Covid-19 pandemic, respond to emergency situations and help those affected by natural disasters. Request for emergency financing to become $47.1 billion.