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The White House &laquo ; ’short of money’to help Ukraine | War in Ukraine

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More 60 billion dollars planned for Ukraine are lying dormant in American coffers, due to Republican budget obstruction. (Archive photo)

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“We are out of money and soon out of time”: White House says US military aid to Ukraine could be cut off in the coming weeks due to lack of action ;budget agreement with the Republican opposition.

I want to be clear: If Congress does not act, by the end of the year we will run out of resources to deliver more weapons and equipment to the #x27;Ukraine and to provide equipment from American military stocks, writes White House budget director Shalanda Young in a letter addressed to Mike Johnson, head of the House of Representatives, with a Republican majority.

Which sharply returned the ball to him on the social network x27;Ukraine, on an outcome of the conflict or on how to supervise the use of American taxpayers' money.

The Shalanda Young's letter is published at a time when Ukraine has recognized the failure of its summer counter-offensive and as Russia launches repeated assaults, in particular against the town of Avdiïvka, in the #x27;east of the country.

There is no magic funding available to address the emergency. We are running out of money and soon to run out of time, asserts Shalanda Young in her letter.

War in Ukraine

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War in Ukraine

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Democratic President Joe Biden asked Congress, on October 20, to vote for an exceptional package of more than $100 billion to respond to the emergencies of the moment, namely helping Israel and Ukraine, standing up to China and responding to migrant arrivals at the southern border.

Of this amount, more than $60 billion is to go to Ukraine, of which the United States has been by far the primary supporter since Russia's invasion at the end of February 2022. p>

Cutting off the flow of American weapons and equipment would shatter Ukraine's war effort, would endanger the advances made by Ukraine and increase the probability of Russian victories, adds Shalanda Young.

Our deliveries of military aid have already decreased, she notes.

This is no problem for next year. Now is the time to help democratic Ukraine fight against Russian aggression, concludes the budget director.

The White House is keen to ensure funding for aid to Ukraine at least until the November 2024 presidential election, which could well pit Joe Biden against former President Donald again Trump.

Russian President Vladimir Putin will not commit to peace until he sees the result of our election, a senior official recently confided of American diplomacy.

The United States has been in the greatest budgetary limbo for months, due to parliamentary turbulence at n' in addition to finishing.

The Congress of the world's leading power – made up of the Senate with a Democratic majority and the House of Representatives with a Republican majority – has still not voted on a budget for the fiscal year which began on October 1.

The federal state is functioning for the moment thanks to an extension of x27;emergency which will expire in mid-January.

When Joe Biden very solemnly requested his enormous budget package, the House of Representatives found itself in chaos due to dissensions within the Republican Party.

It has since appointed a leader, Mike Johnson, which has enabled the resumption of budgetary debates.

< p class="StyledBodyHtmlParagraph-sc-48221190-4 hnvfyV">Which therefore promise to be difficult.

The boss of the conservative deputies asks, in exchange of support for a new package for Ukraine, a clear tightening of migration policy in the face of arrivals of migrants at the border with Mexico.

Republican lawmakers in the House want any additional funding for our national security to start at our own border, Mike Johnson said Monday.

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