While the ZNPP is under occupation, Ukrainian officials buy gloves and pigs for it, – people's deputy

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While the ZNPP is under occupation, Ukrainian officials buy gloves and pigs for it, - People's Deputy

Insolent with impunity! It's a long text, but read it, it's worth it. I have never seen such a brazen swindling of state funds: while the Zaporizhia NPP was under occupation, goods and services worth more than 400 million hryvnias were purchased for it, writes Volodymyr Ar'ev.

All contracts are available on the portal Prozorro and analyzed them. You can also look at the links.

At the beginning of the invasion, the Zaporizhia NPP was surrendered without a fight by the local leaders, appointed by the agent and traitor Derkach. Energodar has been occupied by the Russians since March 2022. Communication with employees at the nuclear plant is carried out only online. However, things and documentation continued to be purchased at ZANEP for insane sums.

Amounts of all agreements concluded at ZANEP from March 15 to August 25 – almost UAH 410 million.

• Among them, half – 210 million 407 thousand UAH – these are dining room services. The agreement was announced on March 16, 2022, the term of execution: May 2022-December 2023. How to check whether these services are provided and in what quality? And no way to check. Because the station is occupied! All, bye.

• Or 28 million for fire safety services. Which firefighters will go to the occupied station? Guess for yourself.

• The icing on the cake – fish feed In June 2022, over 1.2 million hryvnias were debited for it.

• Lamps for the occupied station were purchased for UAH 16.5 million.

• Electrodes for UAH 2.6 million – the agreement is concluded in July 2022. Deliver them – impossible Therefore, additional agreements are signed for postponement. First in August, then at the end of September.

• We are no longer talking about small contracts for the amount of less than 100,000 hryvnias for the delivery of water, flour, and yeast. Or pork in half carcasses for 130 thousand. The occupiers were not gluttonous at times, were they? However, there is definitely hogwash here.

• Further. Engineering services – UAH 24.6 million. Date of announcement 04/29/2022. Deadline with all postponements – December 25, 2025. For what?

The same problem with the development of project documentation. Millions and millions are written off for this cause during the war.

• Here, for example: August 2022, project documentation for the technical re-equipment of 1 power unit. Offer of UAH 12 million, bidding – 8.4 million and 10.8 million. Winner – for some reason, by 10.8 million. But then the general director of ZAP Murashov mentions – oh, we are occupied, and there is no access to the station! Money transferred, execution – postponed until 12/31/2024. And there, as they say, either the sultan will die or the donkey will die.

• Special glue – almost one and a half million hryvnias. Rubber and cotton gloves – over UAH 7 million – 283 thousand pairs! But it was already written about. As well as shoes for almost 3 million hryvnias.

• The radiation safety of the documentation cost the country more than 9 million, until December 2023. Probably, the ZNPP knows something about the plans for the release process, otherwise why order all this?

Deputy Yermak Kuleba was exposed for abuses in the reconstruction of Kyiv region: the funds went to laying companies – Bihus.info

So, the station is under the occupiers, and millions were debited from its accounts controlled by Ukraine up to and including March of this year. How could goods be delivered there? Any. Where did the money go then? Of course? I sent the deputy appeals to “Energoatom” with a demand to explain all this, and to the SBI with the BEB with a demand to investigate this bacchanalia.

Actually, the theft scheme at the occupied stations is always open in the Prozorro system. And no one from the authorities was interested in this before. Why? You yourself understand. Well, it is worth reminding that the entire “Energoatom” still controlled by the traitor Derkach's people. And he received this control from the President's Office as a thank you for implementing the FSB special operation with the Poroshenko-Biden tapes in Ukraine. Unfortunately, there will be more.

Prepared by: Nina Petrovych