Which Ukrainian films are worth watching (video)

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Which Ukrainian films are worth watching (video)

During the independence of Ukraine, a large number of Ukrainian films were released. But the real productivity of directors falls on the present times. We offer a selection of interesting films for every taste. From comedy to tragicomedy, from military action to drama…

Ukrainian comedies (2022)


Plot: Petro is an avid bachelor Petro. Once he made a bet with a friend that he could live with a woman under the same roof for a whole month. So Veronika appears in his apartment – an elegant music teacher…

Director: Natalya Pasenitska

Actors: Ksenia Mishina, Artemiy Egorov, Jerry Heil, Anna Trincher and others

The best weekend

Plot: This is a romantic film about friends who decided to spend the weekend in Ukraine. But there are a lot of unforeseen events on their way…

Director: Vlad Klymchuk

Actors: Daria Petrozhitska, Elias Reichert, Hans Jorg Berthold, Irma Vitovska, Alina Cheban, Bohdan Osadchuk, Georgy Hostikoev, Natalia Babenko, Taras Denisyuk and others

I work at the cemetery


Plot: Tragi-comedy about two respected cemetery workers. Men work in the cemetery and are constantly faced with problems that need to be solved quickly. But every new problem gives rise to the next…

Director: Oleksiy Taranenko

Stars: Vitaly Saliy, Anna Ivanova, Viktoriya Horodetskaya and others

Ukrainian films that have already been released

Zakhar Berkut (2019)

Genre: Historical, Action , Drama

Plot: 1241 year. The Mongol horde led by Khan Burunda moves west. On their way, these barbarians destroy everything. Having reached the high Carpathian mountains, the army stops at the foot…

Director: Akhtem Seitablaev, John Wynn

Actors: Alex McNicol, Robert Patrick, Poppy Drayton, Tommy Flanagan, Andrii Isaenko, Tsegmid Tserenbold, Oleg Voloshchenko, Rocky Myers, Alina Kovalenko, Yerzhan Nurymbet, Viktor Zhdanov and others

My thoughts are quiet (2019)

Genre: Comedies, Dramas

Plot: Young sound engineer Vadim gets an opportunity to change his own life. He needs to record the voices of various animals living in Transcarpathia. But unexpectedly, his mother becomes a partner in the project…

Director: Antonio Lukich

Actors: Andriy Lidagovskyi, Irma Vitovska and others

Home (2019)

Genre: Drama

Plot: Crimean Tatar Mustafa's eldest son Nazim dies. The father comes to Kyiv to bring the younger son Alim home, and to bury the older one in his homeland in Crimea according to Muslim traditions…

Director: Nariman Aliyev

Actors: Akhtem Seitablaev, Remzi Bilyalov, Viktor Zhdanov, Daria Barikhashvili and others

New Ukrainian films worth watching

Luxembourg, Luxembourg (2022)

Genre: Comedy

Plot: Two brothers, Kolya and Vasya, who have completely different characters and life values, decide to find their father. They soon learn that the alleged father lives in Luxembourg…

Director: Antonio Lukich

Actors: Amil Nasirov, Ramil Nasirov, Nataliya Hnitii, Lyudmila Sachenko, Viktor Drapikovsky, Doris Maidanyuk, Karina Cherchevych and others

Pamfir (2022)

Genre: Drama

Plot: Pamphyr was once a smuggler. Over time, the man decides to live honestly. Before the winter holidays, the hero returns to his native village to his son Nazar and his pious wife…

Director: Dmytro Suholytkyi-Sobchuk

Actors: Oleksandr Yacentyuk, Solomiya Kyrylova, Stanislav Potyak, Myroslav Makoviichuk, Olena Khokhlatkina, Ivan Sharan and others.

Sniper. The White Raven (2022)

Genre: Drama, Military

Plot: In 2013, pacifist Mykola Voronenko conducts an unusual ecological experiment with his pregnant wife. The couple lives in a hole dug by the husband, which is located on a recently purchased plot in Horlivka, Donetsk region. One day, war comes into the cozy world of the married couple…

Director: Mar’yan Bushan

Actors: Pavlo Aldoshin, Marina Koshkina, Andriy Mostrenko, Roman Semisal, Oleg Drach, Roman Yasinovskyi, Oleg Shulga and others

Enjoy viewing!

Prepared by: Nina Petrovych