Which of the men can go abroad in 2023: new rules

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Which of men can go abroad in 2023: new rules

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Martial law continues to operate in Ukraine, which means that most men aged 18 to 60 do not have the right to leave the country. However, there are exceptions. Who of men in 2023 can cross the border, the State Border Service of Ukraine said.

Deregistration for health reasons

Men who are deregistered for health reasons can leave the territory of Ukraine. . At the same time, partially fit citizens will not be able to leave Ukraine during martial law.

Temporarily unfit

On the basis of a certificate of disability or the conclusion of a military medical commission, one can obtain the status of temporary unfitness for military service for up to 6 months. Such citizens are allowed to travel outside Ukraine– with supporting documents.

Three or more children

Men who care for three or more children under the age of 18 may travel abroad.  Even if the children are from different marriages. The determining factor is not just the presence of children, but the fact that the man keeps them and can provide documents confirming this.

To cross the border, you must have birth certificates of children, marriage, a court decision on divorce, a decision of the guardianship authority or a certificate of the father of a large family. For presentation, you can use copies of – notarized.

Single parents

Men who are raising a child under 18 on their own have the right to go abroad. To do this, they need to present the child’s birth certificate, the mother’s death certificate or a court decision depriving the mother of parental rights, a document recognizing the mother as missing, or announcement of the mother of the deceased.

Men with disabilities

Citizens of Ukraine with disabilities of groups I-III can cross the border if they have a certificate in the form No. 157-1/o , a certificate confirming the status of a disabled person, a pension certificate or a document confirming the appointment of social assistance.

It should be noted that according to a disability document obtained by a Ukrainian abroad, it will be impossible to leave.


Men can leave Ukraine if they are accompanied a person with a disability of group I or II, and also go to care for sick parents, wife or children.

At the same time, they can cross the border only accompanied by a sick person, without him – they won’t let you out even if you have documents. It is also impossible to leave Ukraine to men accompanying a person with a disability of group III.

Also, men aged 18 to 60 can travel abroad if they accompany their wives and children with group I or II disabilities, children with severe perinatal lesions and other diseases – if there is a confirming conclusion of the medical advisory commission.

The presence of a permanent place of residence abroad

Ukrainians who permanently reside in another country and have the appropriate marks in the passport document.


Wounded military personnel and military personnel undergoing military training abroad may leave the territory of Ukraine – for training, treatment and rehabilitation.

For this, you need an appropriate referral for treatment abroad and a letter from the Ministry of Health stating that a foreign healthcare institution accepts a Ukrainian for treatment.

For those who is undergoing military training abroad, there is a standard set of documents.

Drivers and volunteers

The border can be crossed by drivers of companies licensed for international transportation of goods. Information about such drivers must be entered into the information system of Ukrtransbezopasnost.

< p>Volunteer drivers carrying goods for the Armed Forces of Ukraine, medical supplies, humanitarian aid can also travel abroad.

Railway workers and sailors

Railway transport workers, as well as seafarers working on international flights, are allowed to leave the territory of Ukraine.

Sailors working on ships, inland navigation vessels or training on ships can cross the border.

To go abroad, they need to show an employment contract, a letter from the shipowner or operator about the intention to conclude a contract.

Athletes and cultural figures

Athletes are allowed to leave Ukraine, coaches, specialists in preparation for participation in official competitions and training camps. To leave, you need to get a decision from the Ministry of Sports on inclusion in the list of participants in the competition, etc.

Cultural figures can visit other countries for charitable collection funds or representation of Ukraine in the international arena.

To obtain a travel permit, a request from a person who wants to leave and an invitation from the organizer of the event are required. Based on the documents of the Ministries Department of Culture issues an exit permit.

Prepared by: Sergey Daga 

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