Which country can be the first to get the vaccine against coronavirus

A virologist from USA Florian Krammer said that China has a chance to be the first to get the vaccine for coronavirus. In China faster than anyone started the process of creating a drug, it can start to apply this autumn.

Какая страна может первой получить вакцину от коронавируса

Giving an interview to the media-the newspaper El Pais, the scientist noted that regulatory authorities in China strictly control the process of creating a vaccine. Along with this, there is every reason to expedite the approval of a new drug into mass production. In Europe and the United States, researchers need to spend much more time, presumably, the real results will be available by the end of this or early next year. The specialist noted that it is not only about getting a highly effective vaccine and a very important point is the possibility of continuous production of millions of doses.

For Spain you need to produce 100 million injection, and in some cases will require two doses per patient. Some people will not be able to access the vaccine before the expiry 2021, said Cramer. Earlier Chinese media reported that the country has not recorded new cases of infection CoVID-19 per day.

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