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Where you can't go put a laptop: the most dangerous places are named

Laptop – very easy to use device. It can be taken with you to work/study, and placed on many surfaces.

But there are places that pose a serious danger to a portable computer. Unfortunately, many users do not pay attention to this, and then complain about malfunctions of the device.

So, where can you not put a laptop that is turned on?

On m’ what kind of furniture

Of course, it is very convenient to put a portable computer directly on a sofa or bed. But due to this location, the ventilation holes of the laptop are blocked. Sooner or later the device will seriously overheat. It is possible that it will be turned off forever. If you put the laptop anywhere else, you need to use a special stand.

On your lap

Such an arrangement threatens not only the overlapping of the grills and overheating of the laptop. It is possible that damage will be caused to the owner of the device. This is a possible burn.

Next to other devices

Try to never leave the laptop turned on near other working devices. Otherwise, magnetic interference may make itself felt.

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