Where will the interim prime minister live?

Where will the interim prime minister live?

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 Where the interim prime minister will live

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Prime Minister Naftali Bennett was previously heavily criticized for staying at his family's home in Ra'anana.

To avoid such criticism , Foreign Minister Yair Lapid, who is due to become prime minister this week, plans to move into a heavily guarded home near the prime minister's official residence in the expensive Talbieh neighborhood, Jewish media reported.

At the official residence Prime Minister's Office on Balfour Street while renovations are underway.

Lapid also lives in densely populated Tel Aviv, which means securing the area around his house will be expensive.

Residence Lapid chose in a heavily guarded area surrounding Balfour, which is fenced off from the rest of the area by gates and security. In recent years, the apartment has served Lapid's future residence is a modest three-bedroom apartment on the second floor about 100 meters from the official residence, Channel 13 reported.

In recent days, secure communication lines have been connected to it and some furniture has been imported. At the start of Lapid's tenure, he will likely remain in Tel Aviv until the apartment is completed, according to Ynet.

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