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Where to place the router so that the Wi-Fi signal becomes 2 times faster

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun13,2024

Where to put the router so that the Wi-Fi signal becomes 2 times faster

The Internet, used every day for professional and personal purposes, has radically changed our lives. However, sometimes the Wi-Fi signal is unstable, which is very annoying when working, studying or watching a movie.

The reasons for this behavior of the Internet connection can be different, but it is important to remember that it can be fixed. According to santeplusmag, thanks to these tips, the Internet will become twice as fast.

How to improve your Wi-Fi connection

To improve the signal of your Internet connection, several factors should be considered, including placement router at home. These recommendations are especially relevant for modern routers with a frequency of 5 GHz and a higher speed of technology.

Instructions for accelerating the Internet signal:

  1. Place the router or modem on high ground.
  2. Place it away from electronic devices capable of receiving signals and closer to those using an Internet connection.
  3. Make sure the modem is as far as possible from walls and other obstacles that can block the signal.
Natasha Kumar

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