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Where in the world the nuclear threat is most feared: Ukraine is at the bottom of the ranking

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Apr22,2024

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Sociologists conducted a survey of tens of thousands of people from different countries of the world to assess the level of fear regarding the nuclear threat. Ukraine has entered the list of countries that fear the least.

This is stated in the results of the research of the Sociological group “Rating” with the research institute Gallup International.

The survey took place within the framework of the “End of Year” 2023 project. The research showed that, in general, during the year there was no significant reducing fears of a nuclear threat.

Two out of five respondents now see a high risk of using nuclear weapons. Almost the same share of moderate risk assessments, and only 14% do not see the risk, sociologists note.

In general, Indonesia, Nigeria, Ecuador, Syria and Argentina have the highest number of people rating the nuclear threat as high. If we consider only European countries, Italy, Portugal and Romania are most afraid of the nuclear threat, where more than half of the respondents rated the threat as high.

On the other hand, in Ukraine, Iran, Pakistan and Armenia, the most respondents said that nuclear there is no risk.

In general, fewer respondents in European countries rate the threat of using nuclear weapons as high than in countries in Asia, Africa and South America, where assessments of the nuclear threat are more pessimistic.

Where in the world are the most afraid of the nuclear threat: Ukraine is at the bottom of the ranking

Where in the world are the most afraid of the nuclear threat

About 20% of those surveyed now see a high risk of using nuclear weapons. Almost the same share rates the risk as moderate, and only 14% see no risk at all. Sociologists have noted that the youngest group of respondents has the most pessimistic assessments of the nuclear threat.

International survey Gallup International End of Year Survey (EoY) is an annual study launched in 1977. Since then, the survey has been conducted every year.

This year, the project was conducted in 41 countries of the world. Sample size: A total of 40,428 people worldwide were interviewed. A representative sample of about 1,000 people was interviewed in each country during October-December 2023. In Ukraine, the survey was conducted by the “Rating” group.

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