Where did compromises with Putin lead Europe?

Where did compromises with Putin lead Europe?

Where has compromise with Putin taken Europe

Everyone should be like Canadians.

Russia has drastically reduced gas supplies to Europe. Prices are outrageous again. The Germans are implementing the program “screw”. The Austrians will reopen coal capacities. To be continued. What happened?

Europe has once again stepped on the wrong path of compromise with Putin. And Putin again perceived this as weakness and began to raise the stakes.

What are we talking about? A few months ago, Putin unilaterally demanded a transition to paying for gas in rubles.

In fact, violating contractual agreements, he demanded to change the terms of the same contract. And to be paid in rubles. Otherwise, he threatened to turn off the gas.

What's next?

Europe has not fully complied with Putin's conditions. But the largest buyers went to change the contract. As a result, part of Europe (16% of Russian sales) was left without Russian gas, while others signed new applications and agreed on new payment terms, meeting Putin halfway. So that he does not turn off the gas.

How will Putin perceive this? Of course, as a weakness. And he began to press on. And now he “dries” Europe, significantly reducing gas supplies “Nord Stream” and even screwing the Turkish gas route.

Occasion? He says that he cannot pump gas by “Nord Stream”, because there is no turbine there. And the turbine in Canada was under repair. And the sanctions do not allow that turbine to be delivered to Europe. And this affects the ability of “Nord Stream-1” to work.

Canadians do not play these games and do not allow sanctions to be circumvented. Canadians are great. Everyone should be like Canadians.

Putin is blackmailing again

Can Russia continue to fulfill its obligations? Maybe. Because you can disassemble “Nord Stream-2” and get the pipe out of there. It is possible to increase gas supplies through the Ukrainian pipeline. Or along a pipe going through Belarus and Poland. But “Gazprom”, that is, Putin do not do this. They are blackmailing Europe, saying – either actually lift the sanctions and give this turbine. Or there will be no gas.

If before that Europe had sent Putin in a consolidated manner with his demand to pay for gas in rubles, this would not have happened. But the EU caved in. I was afraid that Putin would turn off the gas. And just ran into the next blackmail.

And so it will be forever. Until Europe realizes that no concessions to Putin will do any good.