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When to plant beets in 2024 and next to which crops should not be planted

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Apr7,2024

When to plant beets in 2024 and next to what crops should not be planted< /p> When to plant beets in 2024/Collage by Radio MAXIMUM

Growing beets is an important part of the work of any gardener or farmer. However, the successful harvest of this root vegetable depends on many factors, among which choosing the right time for sowing is crucial.

The quality and quantity of the future harvest depends on when you plant beets. To achieve the best results, it is necessary to take into account a number of aspects, starting from climatic conditions and ending with the characteristics of plant varieties. Let's consider when it is best to plant beets to provide them with the most favorable conditions for growth and development.

Sowing calendar for beets

When to plant beets< /h2>

When planting beets, it is important to consider the temperature conditions, as this crop requires heat for successful growth. It is recommended to plant beets in open ground when the ground temperature reaches +8 degrees. The appearance of small leaves on the shore serves as a popular guide for starting planting, which indicates that the earth has warmed up to the desired temperature.

The choice of beet variety for planting also depends on the region of residence. In the southern regions, sowing can begin already in March – April, while for the inhabitants of the middle lane, the beginning of May is more appropriate. However, the recommendation is to avoid rushing to land due to possible frosts, so it is better to wait for the weather to stabilize.

To prepare the seeds for planting, it is recommended to first soak them to improve germination. This can be done using various methods such as using paper, tissue, wood shavings or cloth. All of them involve spreading the seeds on a moist surface and keeping them in a warm place at a temperature not lower than 23 degrees.

Sprouted beetroot seeds have numerous advantages, in particular, it allows you to determine which seeds have germinated, contributes to a larger harvest by planting only germinated seeds, and allows sprouts to appear faster.

When to plant beets in 2024 and near which crops should not be planted

Beets should be planted when it is already warm stable/Freepik photo

What to plant next to beets

Beetroot is a crop that needs warmth and adequate lighting for successful growth. Planting it in shaded areas, you risk getting weak plants with reduced taste. Therefore, to obtain sweet beets, it is recommended to choose areas with adequate lighting – at least 8-10 hours of sunlight every day. If your place is in a swampy area, you can solve the problem by creating raised beds and growing beets in the open ground where they will feel comfortable.

When choosing a place for growing beets, you should pay attention to what crops grew on this site before. Beets grow well next to onions, potatoes, cucumbers, beans and tomatoes, but it is not recommended to plant them after cabbage, which can negatively affect productivity.

Soil preparation for planting consists of thorough loosening and addition of fertilizers such as ash to make the soil more fertile. If you chose sandy soil, adding fertilizer, such as humus, will help improve the conditions for beet growth.

When sowing beets, it is important to follow a certain sequence of actions:

  • Seeds should be pre-soaked and germinate to ensure better germination and plant development.
  • After preparing the seeds, make furrows in the soil, water them thoroughly, sow the seeds and cover with a film to protect against frost.
  • After emergence after the first sprouts, the film can be removed, and the plants can be cared for further by adding sawdust between the rows to maintain humidity and protect against weeds.
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