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When the Korean community doubles in size in one year

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The LG company plans to bring around 900 South Korean workers to Windsor to build a battery factory.

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The South Korean population is expected to double in Windsor in 2024 with the arrival of workers from LG Energy Solution to build the battery factory for electric cars. Some members of the community are happy about it. For them, the flow of temporary workers will strengthen the local economy.

They will buy cars, among other things, and perhaps become customers of my gas station, explains Tony Kook, Canadian of southern origin -Korean and manager of a convenience store in Windsor.

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For Tony Kook, every person, regardless of their origin, who contributes to the development of the country deserves a warm welcome.

According to him, the arrival of nearly a thousand foreign workers means more services and more consumption.

Statistics Canada recorded nearly 700 South Koreans in Windsor in 2021.

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Windsor's Korean population will exceed 1,000 in a town of 230,000.

Tony Kook is not the only one who believes this group of workers temporary workers will contribute to strengthening the local economy.

I think as many people need to go to restaurants, rent houses and rent cars, it will have a positive impact on the economy of Windsor, says Mjay Kim, president of the South Korean Society of Windsor.

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ELSE ON NEWS: Netanyahu promises an intensification of the military offensive in Gaza< p class="StyledBodyHtmlParagraph-sc-48221190-4 hnvfyV">The cultural world will also benefit from it, thinks Luisa Veronis, professor and holder of the research chair on immigration at the University of Ottawa.

They will perhaps spend money on going to the cinema, the theater or shows. This will enrich the social and cultural life of Windsor, she explains.

NextStar Energy, a joint venture between global automotive giant Stellantis and LG Energy Solution, constitutes one of the largest investments in their history in the Canadian automotive sector.

Harris Lee, a Canadian of South Korean origin living in Windsor since 2007, does not hide his satisfaction.

It's a source of pride for me, because we come from the same country. My compatriots bring high technology to Canada, he rejoices.

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“I am happy that a company from my home country is investing in the Canadian economy and contributing to job creation,” says Harris Lee .

I'm so happy that the company thought about bringing South Korean experts to work in Windsor.

A quote from Harris Lee, Canadian of South Korean origin

For 40-year Windsor resident Tony Kook, South Koreans are a small community.

I'll see more of my compatriots in Windsor, adds Tony Kook, manager of a convenience store in a gas station for more than 20 years.

He says he is ready to welcome anyone who settles in Windsor with the aim of contributing to the development of the region, whatever the sector.

My reaction is always positive. Anyone from elsewhere who brings new work experience to our city is welcome.

A quote from Tony Kook, Canadian of South Korean origin

Mr. Kook finds the town of Windsor beautiful and welcoming. I hope the workers will love the city of Windsor too, he hopes.

This workforce expected in Windsor at the beginning of 2024 is part of the international mobility program following a free trade agreement between South Korea and Canada reached in 2014. The announcement of the arrival of the workers had sowed controversy.

It became very difficult to find affordable housing in the town of Windsor. According to Professor Luisa Veronis, the arrival of almost a thousand South Korean workers risks putting additional pressure on the rental market, but it could be an opportunity.

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The arrival of 900 workers could increase the housing shortage or even increase rents.

It could really stimulate either governments, developers, or local investors to quickly build housing since there will be thousands of jobs after the construction of the factory, explains the professor.

The new battery factory for electric cars in Windsor is expected to create 2,500 jobs by 2025 .

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