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When the fern blooms: ROXOLANA delighted fans with a mini-album

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun17,2024

When the fern blooms: ROXOLANA delighted fans with a mini-album

ROXOLANA presented a mini-album " “When the fern blooms”/instagram ROXOLANA

Singer ROXOLANA continues to create and delight her fans. The other day she shared the mini-album “When the Fern Blooms”.

ROXOLANA shared the happy news on her Instagram. The mini-album “When the fern blooms” includes four compositions that Radio MAXIMUM urges you to listen to!

It is almost impossible to mention carefreeness in these times. He… about her… about the light touch of her hands, the breath of fresh air through her blond hair. He is about him… about a restless soul wandering the noisy streets. He is about his hope. Hope and hope to see her again when the fern blooms,
– said the singer.

Posted by Roksolana Orphan (@roxolanas)

You can listen to the mini-album “When the Fern Blossoms” on all music platforms.

The mini-album includes the following compositions:

  • 1. I miss you
  • 2. Wandering
  • 3. Hug
  • 4. 120

ROXOLANA – When the fern blooms: listen to the mini-album online

And which song did you like the most? Share your impressions in the comments.

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