When is Alianza Lima vs. University: check the fixture of the Closing Tournament

When is Alianza Lima vs. University: check the fixture of the Closing Tournament

The Closing Tournament 2022 of League 1 will start in July. Find out when the Classic will be between Alianza Lima vs. Universitario and all the complete fixture.

When is Alianza Lima vs. Universitario played: check the fixture of the Torneo Clausura

Know the fixture of the Closing Tournament and when the Clásico Alianza Lima vs. will be played. Academic. (Photo: Liga 1)

The Opening Tournament is about to end and Melgar is the best candidate to win first place. In the absence of two dates, only Sport Huancayo and Sporting Cristal have options to fight with the 'Rojinegros' to win the first stage of the championship, which is why the remaining clubs begin to plan what the Clausura will be.< /p>

According to the organization of League 1, the complementary round of the national competition will start on the weekend of July 9. Let's remember that the fixture had already been determined at the beginning of the year through a draw.

According to the Closing Tournament calendar, this time Alianza Lima will begin its visit, against Atlético Grau; while Universitario will host Cantolao and Sporting Cristal will host Sport Huancayo. As for Melgar, he will have his first presentation before Carlos A. Mannucci, in Trujillo.

Meanwhile, the Classic between the 'Blanquiazules' and 'Cremas' will be played between September 2 and 5 (day 10), in Matute. During the Apertura, those led by Carlos Bustos were left with the victory in the Monumental, after a resounding 4-1. It is worth mentioning that the Clausura will define the last clubs that will fight for the national title. Check when the dates would be played, according to RPP.

Fixture of the Closing Tournament of League 1

Date 1 (July 9-11) – Source: RPP

Sporting Cristal vs Sport Huancayo

Ayacucho vs Municipal

Cienciano vs César Vallejo

Atletico Grau vs. Alianza Lima

Mannucci vs. Melgar

ADT vs Carlos Stein

Universitario vs Cantolao

Sport Boys vs UTC

Binacional vs San Martin

Alianza Atlético: rest

Date 2 (from 15 to July 18)

Municipal vs Cienciano

César Vallejo vs. ADT

San Martin vs. Universitario

Sport Huancayo vs Atlético Grau

Cantolao vs Binacional

Carlos Stein vs Ayacucho FC

Alianza Lima vs Sport Boys

Melgar vs Sporting Cristal

UTC vs Alianza Atlético

Carlos A. Mannucci: rest

Date 3 (from July 22 to 24)

Ayacucho vs César Vallejo

Alianza Atlético vs Cantolao

Atlético Grau vs UTC

Sport Boys vs San Martin

Mannucci vs Alianza Lima

Melgar vs Sport Huancayo

ADT vs Cienciano

Universitario vs Carlos Stein

< p itemprop="description" class="story-contents__font-paragraph">Binational vs Municipal

Sporting Cristal: rest

Date 4 (July 26-27)

Cantolao vs Atlético Grau

UTC vs Sporting Cristal

Sport Huancayo vs Mannucci

Alianza Lima vs Alianza Atlético

San Martin vs Ayacucho FC

Carlos Stein vs Sport Boys

Municipal vs ADT

Cienciano vs Binacional

César Vallejo vs Universitario

Melgar : Rest

Date 5 (from July 29 to August 1)

Melgar vs UTC

Alianza Atlético vs Carlos Stein

Ayacucho FC vs Cienciano

Universitario vs Municipal

< p itemprop="description" class="story-contents__font-paragraph">Mannucci vs Cantolao

Atlético Grau vs San Martín

ADT vs Binacional

Sporting Cristal vs Alianza Lima

Sport Boys vs César Vallejo

Sport Huancayo: rest

Date 6 (from August 5 to 8)

San Martín vs Alianza Atlético

César Vallejo vs Atlético Grau

Cienciano vs Universitario

Lima vs. Melgar Alliance

Carlos Stein vs. Mannucci

Municipal vs Sport Boys

Cantolao vs Sporting Crista

Binacional vs Ayacucho FC

Sport Huancayo vs ADT

UTC: rest

Date 7 (August 12-15)

Ayacucho vs ADT

Sport Huancayo vs UTC

Melgar vs Cantolao

Sporting Cristal vs Carlos Stein

Mannucci vs San Martin

Alianza Atlético vs César Vallejo

Atlético Grau vs Municipal

Sport Boys vs Cienciano

Universidad vs Binacional

Alianza Lima: rest

Date 8 (August 19-22)

ADT vs Universitario

UTC vs Ayacucho FC

Alianza Lima vs Sport Huancayo

Carlos Stein vs Melgar

San Martin vs. Sporting Cristal

César Vallejo vs. Mannucci

Municipal vs Alianza Atlético

Cienciano vs Atlético Grau

Binacional vs Sport Boys

Cantolao: rest

Date 9 (from August 26 to 29)

Sport Boys vs ADT

Universitario vs Ayacucho F.C.

UTC vs Alianza Lima

Sport Huancayo vs Cantolao

Melgar vs. San Martin

Sporting Cristal vs. Cesar Vallejo

Mannucci vs Municipal

Alianza Atlético vs Cienciano

Atlético Grau vs Binacional

Carlos Stein: Rest

Date 10 (from 2 to September 5)

ADT vs Atlético Grau

Ayacucho FC vs Sport Boys

Alianza Lima vs Universitario

Cantolao vs UTC

Carlos Stein vs Sport Huancayo

César Vallejo vs. Melgar

Municipal vs. Sporting Cristal

Scientist vs. Mannucci

Binacional vs Alianza Atlético

San Martín: rest

Date 11 (from September 9 to 12)

Alianza Atlético vs ADT

Atletico Grau vs Ayacucho FC.

Sport Boys vs Universitario

Lima vs Cantolao Alliance

UTC vs Carlos Stein

Sport Huancayo vs San Martin

Melgar vs Municipal

Sporting Cristal vs Cienciano

Mannucci vs Binacional

César Vallejo: rest

< p itemprop="description" class="story-contents__font-paragraph">Date 12 (September 16 to 19)

ADT vs Mannucci

Ayacucho FC. vs Athletic Alliance

Atletico Grau University

Sport Boys vs Cantolao

< p itemprop="description" class="story-contents__font-paragraph">Carlos Stein vs Alianza Lima

San Martin vs UTC

César Vallejo vs Sport Huancayo

Cienciano vs Melgar

Binacional vs Sporting Cristal

Municipal: Rest

< p itemprop="description" class="story-contents__font-paragraph">Date 13 (from September 29 to October 2)

Sporting Cristal vs ADT

Mannucci vs Ayacucho FC.

Alianza Atlético vs Universitario

Atlético Grau vs Sport Boys

Cantolao vs. Carlos Stein

Lima vs. San Martin Alliance

UTC vs César Vallejo

Sport Huancayo vs Municipal

Melgar vs Binacional

< p itemprop="description" class="story-contents__font-paragraph">Scientist: rest

Date 14 (from 4 to 6 October)

ADT vs. Melgar

Ayacucho F.C. vs Sporting Cristal

Universitario vs Mannucci

Sport Boys vs Alianza Atlético

Atlético Grau vs Carlos Stein

San Martin vs. Cantolao

César Vallejo vs Alianza Lima

Municipal vs UTC

Cienciano vs Sport Huancayo

Binational: rest

< b>Date 15 (from October 7 to 10)

Melgar vs Ayacucho FC.

Sporting Cristal vs Universitario

Mannucci vs Sport Boys

Alianza Atlético vs Atlético Grau

Carlos Stein vs San Martín

Cantolao vs Cesar Vallejo

Lima vs Municipal Alliance

UTC vs Cienciano

< p itemprop="description" class="story-contents__font-paragraph">Sport Huancayo vs Binacional

ADT: rest

Date 16 (from October 14 to 17)

ADT vs San Martin

Universitario vs Melgar

Sport Boys vs Sporting Cristal

Atlético Grau vs Mannucci

Alianza Atlético vs Sport Huancayo

César Vallejo vs Carlos Stein

Municipal vs Cantolao

Cienciano vs Alianza Lima

< p itemprop="description" class="story-contents__font-paragraph">Binational vs UTC

Ayacucho FC: Rest

Date 17 (from October 18 to 20)


Sport Huancayo vs Ayacucho FC.

Melgar vs Sport Boys

Sporting Cristal vs Atlético Grau

Carlos A. Mannucci Alianza Atlético

U. San Martín U. César Vallejo

Carlos Stein Deportivo Municipal

Cantolao Cienciano Academy

Lima Binational Alliance

University: rest

Date 18 (from October 21 to 24)

ADT vs Cantolao

Ayacucho FC. vs Alianza Lima

Universitario vs Sport Huancayo

Atletico Grau vs Melgar

Alianza Atlético vs Sporting Cristal

Mannucci vs UTC

Municipal vs. San Martin

Cienciano vs. Carlos Stein

Binacional vs César Vallejo

Sport Boys: rest

Date 19 (from October 28 to 31)

Alianza Lima vs ADT

Cantolao vs Ayacucho FC.

UTC vs Universitario

Sport Huancayo vs Sport Boys

Melgar vs Alianza Atlético

Sporting Cristal vs Mannucci

César Vallejo vs. Municipal

San Martin vs. Cienciano

Carlos Stein vs Binacional

Atlético Grau: rest