“When I met Cindy, I understand – this is forever”: Potap admitted, in a moment fell in love with NK

Ukrainian rapper told how he conceived the relationship with his wife

Anastasia Ocheretnyuk

"Когда встретил Настю, понял - это навсегда": Потап признался, в какой момент влюбился в NK

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Ukrainian producer and rapper Potap Instagram in show Olya Polyakova’s “Truth or dare” he confessed, in a moment of cooperation turned into love and Nastya Kamensky. We will note, recently the artist presented a new video for the song “Memories”. NK has created a romantic video, inspired by pleasant memories while watching old joint photo and video with her husband captain.

"Когда встретил Настю, понял - это навсегда": Потап признался, в какой момент влюбился в NK

Ukrainian artists Potap and Nastya Kamensky

“I fell in love with it immediately I saw you. When I met her, I did not like. She was temperamental, and she’s from Italy. It seemed to me that it is somehow not ours. She even slightly pushed me. And she’s just 7 years he lived in Italy and took this manner. Then another showed character, and we had a period when we really disliked each other. We went in different cars. It lasted a long time, no one even considered those years”, – says Alexey Potapenko.


The moment when the captain realized that he had feelings for Nastya, he doesn’t remember. The actor admits when I met her, I realized that this is forever.

“When I met Cindy, I realized that this is forever. I immediately realized this. But I that thought myself pushed away as he could. As a result, the love won. At what point this happened, I honestly don’t know. There have been several moments, I’d say outbreaks” – the artist admitted.

Also the singer admitted, for what loved his wife: “She first, loves me very much, because no one liked me. She is an incredible lover of life. Good, kind, not envious, and among the stars is a rare quality… She’s beautiful. Wake up in the morning – morning come – a beautiful, mad at you, your nose wrinkles and still beautiful with this nose. And then, when he is angry, look at her, and she is so good. And you think: “Where are you deceived?”. And then you realize that anywhere else. It happens – again, and agreed. Like Tetris match”.

Recall that recently Nastya Kamensky told when plans to become a mother. Also, the singer admitted, as her mother refers to the wife of Captain.

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