What you need to have with you mobilized citizens

What you need to have with you mobilized citizens

What mobilized citizens need to bring with them

Illustrative photo from open sources

Russia's full-scale attack on Ukraine has changed the habitual life of most of our compatriots. Many have recovered from the shock and have already gone to defend their homeland from the invaders. Some Ukrainians still have this mission. According to the Apostrophe edition, during the war, mobilized should have the following things with them:


They must be kept in a waterproof bag or in a file. Experts do not advise taking bank cards.


Life-saving medicines: antibiotics, activated charcoal, antiseptics, hemostatic agent, Rescuer cream, individual dressing bag, rubber hemostatic tourniquet, cotton wool, bandage, painkillers, antipyretics, drugs, vasoconstrictor drops in the nose, mosquito repellent, iodine, brilliant green , chlorhexidine and hydrogen peroxide (in plastic bags), cotton-based adhesive plaster.

Hygiene products

Essentials: a few bars of laundry and toilet soap, toothpaste and two toothbrushes in a case, razors – disposable machines, nail clippers, sunscreen and moisturizer, antibacterial spray, dark towel, dry and wet wipes, women's pads (they are put in shoes).


You need to have trousers or jeans made of cotton fabric, a dark-colored waterproof jacket, comfortable waterproof shoes (military boots, sneakers), three T-shirts made of natural fabric, a thin cotton jacket, a vest, several warm fleece jackets, underwear, ten pairs of socks , thin leather gloves, a warm black or green hat without inscriptions and logos, underpants or thermal underwear, a leather belt (preferably an officer), a polyethylene raincoat.


Among the things that military personnel should have: a waterproof, shockproof watch, a small LED flashlight, batteries, a folding knife with a fork and spoon in a case, a metal mug, a mat, a sleeping bag, dustproof and sunglasses, a dark 60-liter backpack, a rubberized phone with a spare battery and a charger for it (power bank), a scarf (bandana), a strap for a backpack for water, fabric for hemming collars, a needle and thread, several lighters and a large th packaging of matches.


Food should be long-term storage: crackers, biscuits, bread, canned food (stew and porridge with meat), still water, bars "Hematogen" (protein or chocolate), a few bars of dark chocolate, tea bags, coffee stickers, sugar and salt in disposable bags, cigarettes for two weeks (if necessary) and vegetables/fruits for the first days (apples, cucumbers).

Prepared by: Sergey Daga