What will different foods taste like on other planets (PHOTOS)

What will different foods taste like on other planets (PHOTOS)

In 2015, on the ISS, as part of the Veggie experiment, astronauts grew and ate lettuce. It tasted more bitter. NASA scientist Joy Massu explained this by saying that “plants get more bitter compounds when they are stressed.”


What flavor will different foods on other planets (PHOTO)

However, the astronauts didn't mind the more bitter taste in regular foods. This is because when you are in zero gravity, the fluid in the tissues and blood vessels is more evenly distributed throughout the body, and is not attracted to the legs. The extra fluid in the head causes a slight blockage in the sinuses, which prevents the smell sensors in the nose from working properly. This can be compared to nasal congestion.

But what happens if grow food on other planets, and eat them under normal conditions. How will the taste change and will the food taste better? Let's try to figure out how the tastes of products change depending on external factors.


What will different foods taste like on other planets (PHOTOS)

SoilPlant growth will be influenced by many factors: the wavelength of available light, soil composition, gravitational attraction, atmospheric pressure. The color of sunlight can change the plant. “The wavelengths of red, blue, and even green light are critical for photosynthesis and plant development,” says Anna-Lisa Paul, a biologist at the University of Florida.

Even in different parts of the Earth, the soil differs from each other. Every wine lover knows this, because the taste of the drink depends on where it was grown.

When Paul tried to grow plants in Martian-like soil, she found that the concentration of certain chemicals in the leaves changed.< /p>

These chemicals can affect the taste. “Many plants produce more pigments known as anthocyanins — red substances in red cabbage and purple in blueberries and blackberries — in response to a stressful environment,” she says. “It's well known that anthocyanins are great antioxidants and good for you.”

Anthocyanins have little to no taste, but have a slight fruity-berry aroma. And very useful!

GravityBut besides soil, there is also gravity. In 2014, Greek scientists conducted a study: they tried to cook French fries in a centrifuge of the European Space Agency.


What will different foods taste like on other planets (PHOTOS)

This machine can simulate gravity far greater than Earth's. It turned out that the ideal gravity for delicious crispy french fries is about three times higher than on Earth. French fries cooked on Saturn or Jupiter will be the most delicious in the solar system.

But Martian or lunar potatoes will definitely be worse.

PressureThe taste also depends on the pressure of the planet's atmosphere. For example, the taste of champagne. “If the planet didn’t have an atmosphere, champagne would immediately boil,” says Helen Chersky, a physicist at University College London.

If the pressure were lower, the bubbles would appear much faster, meaning the taste of champagne would be much less pronounced. All substances will quickly evaporate.

If the atmospheric pressure were higher than on Earth, the formation of bubbles would be very slow, and therefore many complex molecules would have time to stick to the bubbles and be delivered to the top. This could make the drink taste a bit richer if you were patient.

But there can be an advantage to losing the champagne's fizz. “Without the bubbles, you can smell subtle flavors in the champagne liquid that you might not have tasted on Earth,” Czersky says. “However, the strongest conclusion is that a huge part of the taste of champagne is smell, and without bubbles and aerosols, the taste sensation would be muted.” much higher than the earth. Therefore, on Venus, where the atmosphere is dense, and the pressure is 90 times higher than the earth's, you simply cannot open a bottle of champagne with a pop! And without bubbles, the taste of the drink will be completely different.

Therefore, our planet is the ideal place to drink champagne!