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What We Know About Tiger Woods’ Automobile Accident

What We Know About Tiger Woods’ Automobile Accident

Tiger Woods was rushed to a hospital with severe leg accidents on Tuesday morning in Los Angeles County after he was concerned in a single-car crash in a hilly space identified for automobile crashes.

Right here’s what we all know thus far:

At about 7 a.m. Pacific time on Tuesday, the police obtained a 911 name a couple of crash on Hawthorne Boulevard close to Rancho Palos Verdes, a coastal metropolis of about 42,000 folks in Los Angeles County.

Officers arrived on the scene six minutes later and located Tiger Woods trapped in an S.U.V. that had rolled over, stated Alex Villanueva, the Los Angeles County sheriff.

Deputy Carlos Gonzalez, the primary officer on the scene, stated he had decided that firefighters ought to extract Woods from the car and that he had spoken to Woods whereas they waited.

Emergency employees used an ax and a Halligan instrument, a kind of pry bar, to take away the windshield of the car and extricate Woods, stated Daryl L. Osby, chief of the Los Angeles County Fireplace Division. Woods was placed on a backboard and brought by ambulance to Harbor-U.C.L.A. Medical Heart, the closest trauma heart, Deputy Gonzalez stated. Woods underwent emergency surgical procedure, in accordance with his longtime agent, Mark Steinberg.

Woods was acutely aware when the primary officer arrived on the scene and answered a number of questions, akin to his identify, the place he was and the time of day. Deputy Gonzalez stated Woods had appeared “lucid and calm.”

Chief Osby stated that Woods was in secure situation however that he had “severe accidents” to each of his legs. The chief didn’t clarify additional. He stated that he was undecided what different accidents Woods may need sustained however that any further accidents wouldn’t be “life endangering.”

In response to Sheriff Villanueva, Woods’s supervisor didn’t need any extra data launched on his situation or any replace on his surgical procedure.

It’ll take site visitors investigators days or perhaps weeks to finish their investigation into the reason for the crash.

Woods was driving downhill on a curved street. The velocity restrict is 45 miles per hour, however Deputy Gonzalez stated he had generally seen autos going greater than 80 miles per hour. Sheriff Villanueva stated it appeared that Woods had been driving at a “higher velocity than regular.”

The car Woods was driving hit the median strip, Sheriff Villanueva stated, went over it after which traveled a number of hundred ft, rolled a number of instances and got here to relaxation within the brush on the alternative aspect of the street. There have been no skid marks, indicating that Woods had made no try and brake, the sheriff stated, and that his first contact had been with the middle median earlier than he crossed into the opposing lane of site visitors.

In response to Sheriff Villanueva, there was no proof of impairment, akin to alcohol or capsule bottles, an odor of alcohol or uncommon conduct from Woods. As a result of Woods didn’t appear impaired, the sheriff stated, “there was no effort to attract blood, for instance, on the hospital.”

There was no proof that Woods was being adopted by every other autos, and it was unknown whether or not he may need been his cellphone or in any other case distracted on the time of the crash, the sheriff stated.

Climate, akin to a moist street or fog, was not an element within the crash, in accordance with the sheriff. Woods was sporting his seatbelt, and airbags within the automobile deployed, Deputy Gonzalez stated. The bumper and the entrance finish of the automobile had been “destroyed,” however the inside cabin of the car was “kind of intact,” Sheriff Villanueva stated.

Investigators will most likely be capable of acquire some details about what Woods was doing by way of the car’s occasion information recorder, or “black field.” Additionally, Deputy Gonzalez was sporting a physique digital camera when he arrived on the scene. It’s unclear if there have been any witnesses to the crash; the primary one who referred to as 911 lives near the place the car settled and heard the crash, Deputy Gonzalez stated.

Woods, who lives in Florida, was in Southern California to host, however to not compete in, the Genesis Invitational at Riviera Nation Membership in Pacific Palisades final weekend. Genesis Motor is a luxurious car division of Hyundai. Woods was in a 2021 Genesis GV80 S.U.V., which was supplied to him throughout the event; he’s identified for at all times driving himself in a courtesy automobile at tournaments.

Woods stayed after the weekend to do a promotional photograph shoot for Golf Digest, and when the crash occurred, in accordance with ESPN, he was on his solution to a photograph shoot with the N.F.L. quarterbacks Drew Brees and Justin Herbert.

Even earlier than Tuesday’s wreck, it was not clear when Woods, 45, may play once more or whether or not he would be capable of pursue a record-tying sixth Masters victory this spring.

Woods was making an attempt to get well from his fifth again operation, a microdiscectomy he underwent final month.

When he appeared on CBS on Sunday throughout the closing spherical of the Genesis event, Woods was requested whether or not he would compete on the Masters at Augusta Nationwide Golf Membership in April. “God, I hope so,” he stated. “I’ve obtained to get there first.”

Though Woods stated final month that he anticipated to overlook a minimum of two tournaments, he didn’t publicly rule out enjoying within the Masters, which he final gained in 2019. On Sunday, he stated he was “feeling effective, a little bit bit stiff” and was awaiting one other magnetic resonance imaging scan to judge his progress.

Within the meantime, he stated, he was “nonetheless doing the mundane stuff that you must do for rehab, the little issues earlier than you can begin gravitating towards one thing a little bit extra.”

Woods tied for thirty eighth place within the 2020 Masters, which was performed in November due to the coronavirus pandemic. Though he shot a ten on the twelfth gap throughout the closing spherical, he birdied 5 of the ultimate six holes.

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