What to pay attention to when buying a car with a test

What to pay attention to when buying a car with a test

Buying an old car, getting a clue. Saving pennies will be in reality, even if you have a lot of money in your hands for the shortest time to hit the new Solaris, you can look at the options with a run and choose a car of greater comfort and quality. The article will describe the main steps for buying a used used car.

On how to be respectful when buying a car in advance

1. Pidbir

It is necessary for us to be appointed by the choice of a car, I’ll use the method of victorious victories and even if it’s worth it. For example, for a good place to go front-wheel drive hatchbacks, and if you often drive outside, you can buy a crossover on a full or front-wheel drive. The modern world has more cars equipped with front-wheel drive, which is why they can cope with everyday tasks better, because cars are cheaper.

Crim for overexposure is more of factors that need to be determined by the type of transmission. There are two main options: mechanics and automatic. Manual transmission koshtuvatime is cheaper and allows you to save money. The automatic transmission will give you more comfort for an hour of driving. Well, before all else, keep in mind that the tighter the engine, the more vantage wines can be transported.

2. Checking a car for bases

Buying a car by hand, it is necessary to know about its history. In such a way, it will be possible to get some options. In order to check the future Vlasnik, you need the VIN code and the registration number of the car. If the seller is reluctant to share this information, this is a bad sign.

recognize the data, then go to one of the numerical services for rechecking the car, enter the data and take the result. A self recognition: • Chi Bulo car in an accident; • Chi vikoristovuvalosya out of the taxi; • Chi is not twisted run. І impersonal other core information. As soon as possible, you can call the seller and ask about zustrіch.

3. Inspection of the car

Having arrived at the field, we asked the clerk to report back about the car, as they did not discuss it on the phone. After that, you can proceed to the level and technical evaluation of the machine. It is necessary for me to give respect to rubbish. For example, as the seller is convinced that the car is new and not beaten in a taxi, and the door handles are broken and easily cracked, then the fault is unsatisfactory. Dotrimuyuchis tsikh simple jobs, you can buy a second-hand car and at the same time not invest a lot of pennies and an hour in its repair.