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What to do if your phone suddenly started draining quickly – 4 ways to solve the problem

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May22,2024

What to do if your phone suddenly started to discharge quickly — 4 ways to solve the problem

Modern smartphones usually hold a charge for 1−2 days, but it often happens that that they "sit down" faster.

It's fine if it happens in the evening and you can charge the battery overnight, but if your gadget barely lasts until the evening and the lights go out on the doorstep, it's a problem that needs to be solved.

Such a situation can arise both in owners of flagship smartphones and users of budget devices, regardless of Android or iPhone.

The main reasons for the rapid discharge of a smartphone

To solve the problem of low performance of smartphones, you need to find out the reason for rapid discharge. After that, you can take steps to solve the problem.

Background applications

Some applications continue to run in the background mode, consuming a significant amount of power. Make sure all your apps are updated to the latest versions, as developers often optimize power consumption

Screen brightness

The high brightness of the display can quickly drain the battery. Display brightness, screen time and screen resolution can significantly affect battery consumption.

Battery Aging

Lithium-ion batteries lose their capacity over time. . Each time you charge and discharge a battery, it goes through one cycle. The number of charge-discharge cycles is limited for batteries, and their limit decreases with time.


Some features, such as automatic updates or data synchronization, may increase power consumption. Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS and mobile data all require energy. If these features are always on, the battery will drain faster.

Check your smartphone's battery status

One of the key indicators is the level of charge retention, which often indicates the general condition of the battery. If your smartphone holds about 80% charge, then this is a good sign of stability. However, having discovered a lower charge level, the moment may come when you need to think about replacing the battery.

How to keep the battery working

When your gadget fully charged, then we without any doubt accomplish everything we set out to do. But when only 10% is left, you should act carefully.

Reduce the brightness of the display

Screen brightness significantly affects battery life. Lowering the brightness level can significantly prolong its operation. You can change this setting in screen settings or enable automatic adjustment.

Reduce the number of push messages

Push messages not only affect our attention , but also consume battery. Try turning off push notifications from non-essential apps to keep your phone battery charged longer.

Enable dark mode

To save battery charge, it is recommended to turn on the dark mode on your smartphone. This is especially true for smartphones with OLED screens, as they consume less energy when displaying dark colors. p dir=”ltr”>However, it is worth noting that on smartphones with IPS-screens, the effect of dark mode on energy efficiency will be smaller, since these screens do not have the same technological feature regarding energy consumption as OLED- screens.

Factory reset

If all other methods have failed to solve the problem of phone draining fast, performing a factory reset may be the last resort. This process allows you to fix the situation if the discharge problem is due to software bugs or viruses on the device.

However, before performing a factory reset, it is important to backup your important data as this process will completely delete all data from your device.

To perform a factory reset, open your smartphone's settings, find the "General" section, then go to   Reset to factory settings».

In this section, you can find the  Reset data to factory settings» option. Then follow the screen instructions to confirm the reset.

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