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What to do if the phone started to work slowly and how to solve this problem

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Apr21,2024

What to do if the phone started running slowly and how to solve this problem

The problem of the phone running slowly can be caused by various factors, some of which can be solved on your own to restore the device to its normal performance, use these tips.

A phone that reacts slowly can be quite annoying, but before you rush to buy a new one, it is worth checking the state of the device's internal memory. Congested memory can slow down the operation of the gadget, so it is important to know how to free up the memory of the smartphone to speed up its functioning.

The memory of the device stores all photos, videos, files, data and applications and system settings . If it is completely full, it becomes difficult to launch programs because there is not enough free space. Here are a few types of apps that can take up the most memory:


Messengers are convenient for exchanging messages, calls and files, but all this data is stored on the device and can take up a lot of space. Default settings often allow unlimited data storage. To solve this problem, periodically clean the data folder of the messenger, limit the storage period of files or turn off the automatic recording of multimedia content.

Web browsers

Browser caches information to speed up page loading. When you first visit the site, the page elements are stored in the cache. Therefore, periodically clear the cache of the browser in its settings.

Maps and geolocation

Programs that use maps and geolocation save a cache of navigation data and maps for offline use. Delete unnecessary data to free up space.

Mobile games

Games load your device by using CPU, GPU and memory resources. They also store data on the device, so clear the game cache periodically.

Social Networks

Social network apps can store content on the device, taking up additional space. Clear social network cache to reduce memory usage.

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