What should our citizens stock up for the winter

What should our citizens stock up for the winter

What should our citizens stock up on for the winter

Ukrainians are in for a very hard winter: temperature in apartments will be lower than usual, and interruptions in heating and electricity are also possible.

As Apostrophe reminds you, you should stock up on the necessary things for different occasions.

Clothes and shoes< /p>

It is important to audit and check for warm clothes. Multi-layered clothing retains more heat; you will need not only jackets, but also warm sweaters and T-shirts. For the house you need loose warm clothes – tracksuits, fleece jackets and pants, a woolen or fur vest, warm socks, warm slippers, a warm bathrobe.


< p>If necessary, you need to replace old windows and doors, stock up on warm blankets and rugs. They can not only break away, but also hang windows to reduce heat loss, or lay them on the floor instead of a carpet. It's a good idea to have a sleeping bag, which will come in handy in case the heating goes out. You also need to think about lighting – stock up on flashlights, candles, matches, lighters.


Residents of private houses need to stock up in advance on what will help warm their homes – generator, solid fuel boiler, firewood, diesel fuel, coal, etc. Residents of an apartment building would benefit from purchasing an electric space heater.


For the winter, you need to create stocks of frozen foods, canned food, cereals, salt, sugar, tea, sunflower oil. Also, at home there should be food that does not require cooking and can be stored for a long time – bread, crackers, cookies, lard, honey, sweets, candied fruits, nuts and seeds, dried fruits and energy bars. If you have pets, then you also need to take care of the supply of food for them.


In case of any force majeure, it is worth having a supply at home medicines you use frequently. The first aid kit should also contain antipyretic, antiviral, activated charcoal, painkillers, and a band-aid. The stock of medicines should be enough for at least 2−3 weeks.

Cosmetics and household chemicals

In case of interruptions in trade, at home you need to have detergents, washing powder, soap, shampoo, toilet paper with a supply of 1 & minus 2 months. It is also worth buying face and hand cream, hygienic lipstick, shaving kit, and other cosmetics for daily use.

Prepared by: Nina Petrovich