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What mistakes in using your smartphone shorten its service life

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jul2,2024

What mistakes in using your smartphone shorten its service life

If you still have a brand new phone, but it is already throwing tricks, it is not necessarily to blame’< /strong>must be the manufacturer. Maybe you're just using it wrong. We tell you what you should pay attention to.

There are phones that have long been morally obsolete, but still work so well that it is a sin to complain. And others begin to hang out, work slowly and quickly discharge just a few months after purchase.

Don't be in a hurry to scold yourself for the fact that you “should have bought that model”. The matter may not only be in the model or technical characteristics of the device. It's probably your fault.

What could you be doing wrong?

The screen is too bright. If you make it not so bright (in the range of 40-60%), you will kill two birds with one stone: the eyes will tire less and the charge will be consumed less.

The brighter the smartphone screen, the faster the battery drains and the more often you have to use the charger. This shortens the life of the gadget.

Unnecessary programs. Downloaded the game – played several times and got bored. You downloaded an app to use a city bike, but you don't ride it. And such "forgotten" there are enough programs on every phone. Meanwhile, many of them work in the background and increase the load on the device. Therefore, make it a rule to periodically clean your phone of programs that you do not need.

Use the vibration mode in parallel with the call. Vibration motor that works constantly , significantly increases the load on the battery. Therefore, it is worth using the vibration mode only when it is really necessary, and not constantly at the same time as the call.

Habit to keep the phone under the pillow. Not only that , that it is not at all useful for your health – it is not useful for the phone either. It can overheat under the pillow and the weight of your head. And overheating – always an application that you will eventually need a new cell phone.

Charging at night. There is nothing wrong with keeping your cell phone charged at two or four in the morning. But leaving it on charge all night – that's another matter. In this case, the risk of overcharging the battery and overheating the phone itself increases.

Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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