What is the fine for the service of a car in 2022?

What is the fine for the service of a car in 2022?

In Ukraine, the Law “On Compulsory Insurance of Land Vehicles” makes it illegal to operate a car without a proper car. Acts of water from various reasons do not respect the rule, but it is unlikely that they will be spared in such a rank. alt=”What is the fine for driving without a car in 2022?” />

What is the amount of the fine in Ukraine for driving without a car

Mobile driver, what having risked traveling without OSTSPV, fined for the hour of re-checking the police. Axis of 10 legitimate reasons, if the police have the right to fix a car. The amount of the fine in 2022 remains unchanged:

  • 425 UAH — as if you lost the policy;
  • 850 UAH — as if the term of your insurance ended or you couldn’t.

If you don't want to pay the fine, you need to pay it within 15 days.

Now, you have bought a new car and you are moving it to another place for registration, transit numbers and do not give the right to drive without a car. For such transfers, a short-term policy is available for 10 to 15 days (sorry, you can't buy it online).

Car clerks on foreign license plates may not issue a car ticket. For them, the international policy “Green Card” is provided.

It sounds more scary than the fact that through the day of insurance you will have to pay a fine – it’s not too big for rich people. And the one who is responsible for the accident will have to pay the victim compensation for his gut.

A good butt, why is it better to insure

Let's get drunk, like a feast with my relative. Yomu recently happened to move to Kiev from his homeland through the war. The term for the car trip ended right after the move, but the gas prices went up, but the work didn’t work at the same time, I didn’t win the car and didn’t get insurance.

The car stood for three days under windows. But once it was necessary for you to bring the summer fathers to the TsNAP, in order to take away the documents. On the way from the TsNAP, the Darnytsky Square was consumed by a small accident (the headlight was broken, the left wing and the bumper). The situation is ambiguous. Who is guilty – you can’t say once, but theoretically the truth is on the boots of my relative. Another vodіy moment bi take the blame on yourself and draw up the Europrotocol (the new one has insurance). Ale stinks can't get through the stitching of my relative's insurance term.

At the result, the participants call out to the police. Cop writes a fine for driving without insurance, registers an accident, transfers it to the right to court. If the decision is made to the court, we will understand who the car is to be repaired.

If the court finds my relative guilty, then, krіm pay a fine for driving a car (when you have already paid it), you will need:< /p>

  • Pay court fees (about UAH 1000);
  • Pay for the repair of the victim’s car;
  • Repair the car.

< p dir="ltr">The average price of a car for Kiev is 1300 UAH. Buy insurance with a deductible will cost you less, lower payments, which will fall on your shoulders in case of an accident.

ltr”> Few people can afford to travel without a lanyard car. The state is able to insure the need to insure cars of the pilgrimage category:

  • Invalid wars;
  • Participants of the Revolution of Goodness suffered;
  • Participants of fighting;
  • Individuals with disabilities of the first group;
  • Driving a car for kerm, which belongs to the first group of the disabled.

The Motor and Transport Bureau of Ukraine beats the crowds for these people.

If you qualify to the category of a hulk, if you are required to buy a car ticket, you are liable to present the necessary certificate.

Issuing a car ticket for 5 miles

Today, it’s not difficult to get rid of penalties, you can issue a car ticket in electronic format. On hotline.finance the whole process takes about 5 minutes. For the whole hour on the service, you will choose an insurance company, which will show you the most advantageous mind, and you will independently buy a policy online. The car ticket is ready to be sent to email, and also to be connected to Diya's mobile supplement.

The electronic policy cannot be forgotten at home; And then, you do not deduct a fine for the presence of a paper blank in the car. Of course, you can check the relevance of insurance by the police and the police through the MTIBU database with the number of technical specifications and the number of the policy itself.