What is the best time to exercise and lose weight

September 13, 2021 by archyde

Some say that train fasting It is the best way to lose weight and gain physical shape. Others claim that it is much better to do it a couple of hours after breakfast. There are also those who feel better at night than at any other time of the day.

These statements have led to the realization of a multitude of studies that pursued the objective of solve the question about what is the best time to train. Here we are going to review them and resolve many doubts.

The best time to exercise and lose weight

There are discrepancies in this regard. On the one hand, a few years ago the University of California conducted a study that certified that, to lose weight, the best time you could exercise was in the morning. What’s more, it indicated that the most appropriate moment was as soon as we got out of bed. The reason is that, in those moments, the body has consumed all the energy derived from the previous day’s diet and, when subjected to an effort, it must use the accumulated fats.

What is the best time of day to exercise and lose weight faster?

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In addition, the report reveals that exercising in the morning on an empty stomach accelerates metabolism and fat burning. It also releases dopamine, serotonins, and endorphins (the hormones of happiness), reducing stress and anxiety that leads us to eat with greater appetite.

On the other hand, a study by Israel’s Weizmann Institute of Science indicates exactly the opposite. In it it is clarified that the best time is the afternoon and the early hours of the night. At that time, our body temperature is higher, we consume less oxygen and we have more strength, which translates into a higher calorie consumption during activity.

It is essential to make physical exercise a daily routine

In any case, the really important thing is not when you exercise, but that the chosen schedule allows to establish a routine. Only by practicing sports constantly is it possible to enjoy a healthy weight loss, constant over time and without the risk of suffering the ‘rebound effect’.

Is it better to exercise on an empty stomach or with breakfast?

Let’s start from a base: when we wake up in the morning, our body finds itself in a ‘deteriorated’ situation since it has just gone through the longest fasting period of the day. Obviously, subjecting you to a stressful session caused by physical exercise at that time may not be recommended for many people. It all depends on their conditions and the goals they pursue.

Fitfiu folding treadmill

For instance, for a person who wants to lose weight, run 5 or 6 kilometers in a Fitfiu folding strap it can be very helpful for the reasons discussed above. However, if you are already at your ideal weight and you are trying to gain endurance for, for example, run a half or full marathon, it does not make any sense. No elite athlete performs long-distance training or competes in fasting competition.

Nevertheless, if we eat breakfast, we cannot immediately start exercising in a Ultrasport exercise bike or similar no matter how comfortable it is or no matter how low the printed rhythm is. We will feel heavy and lacking in energy if we do so. You have to wait at least two hours to achieve a good performance after eating.

That said, we want to talk about some useful devices to train at home both fasting and after breakfast according to your conditions, objectives and needs. We start with this Cecotec treadmill, featuring built-in speakers, 12 preset programs, and 3 tilt levels. All this is adjustable from its LED screen. Supports a maximum of 120 kg and reaches 10 km / h maximum speed.

Ultrasport exercise bike

One step further goes the treadmill TR101i Bladez Fitness. Something that is evident when verifying that it reaches the 16 km/h. A device much more similar to the one we can find in any gym.

Riding a bike is a good alternative to running. Above all, for those who have knee problems and they suffer from the impacts of the stride. In this sense, a TLV spinning exercise bike can be very useful thanks to its 10 kg flywheel. The same happens with the Trainer Alpine de Gridinlux which also has a integrated pulsometer and supports a greater variety of intensity settings.

Gridinlux Trainer Alpine spinning bike

Another good option to do spinning at home is this YUESFZ bike. It stands out, mainly, for being very quiet during activity and for having a saddle with especially soft padding. Thanks to it we can avoid discomfort in the perineum and genitals area.

A good alternative to running and he offers it to cycling the row, which can also be practiced at home. It is a very complete exercise through which it is possible to work the arms, back and legs. East ergómetro ISE It is perfect for the home due to its foldable character and its magnetic brake.

Ergometro ISE

Also, the Aquo BH Fitness rowing machine it is also very interesting. Maintenance-free and foldable too. In addition, thanks to its electronic display, which shows the time, calorie consumption, pulse and strokes, it is very easy to use. Many of those features are also included in this model also manufactured by ISE, although its price is much cheaper.

For its part, not only aerobic and resistance exercise enhance weight loss. So does the fitness. Therefore, for those who want to burn calories and show off a well-defined body, a AmazonBasics kettlebell The how this from JOWY it will be very useful to them. With them it is possible to almost any exercise comfortably and with minimal risk of injury.

JOWY kettlebell

However, the more traditional ones will surely prefer Proiron adjustable dumbbells. Include cast iron discs worth 20 kg, although more can be added. They have a very secure fit system and can be expanded to become a bar. Any bodybuilding exercise is possible with them.

Instead, you are Umi neoprene coated weights are more suitable for increase the intensity of activities such as aerobics. They are also recommended for the elderly and for those who still have a very poor physical condition. Over time, when they raise their level, they can always bet on these adjustable boomerang weights.

Adjustable Boomerang weights

Definitely, the best time to exercise It depends on the objective pursued by the athlete and their conditions. In any case, the most important thing is to establish a routine that leads us to exercise at least 3 to 5 days a week.

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