What is Canada?

What is Canada?

Are you fond of charts?

It’s always very subjective: why do we choose such and such a person, on what criteria, and how do we decide on each person’s rank? But a list is also, sometimes, very revealing.

The magazine Maclean’s (the English equivalent of The news) has just published its annual ranking.

“The power list” brings together “50 Canadians who are making a difference, leading the debate and shaping the way we think and live”.

While reading this, I asked myself a question: “But what is this country that this magazine is talking about?” “

We look at this list as if it were from a foreign country, from another planet.


Out of 50 influential personalities, the magazine has only managed to identify a handful from Quebec: Justin Trudeau (1re position); Federal Ethics Commissioner Mario Dion (4e position); Francois Legault (11e position); Guy A. Lepage (14e position); Michael Sabia (23e position) and Philippe J. Fournier (43e position).

A sign that we are living in two solitudes, the host of Everybody talks about it has also been renamed Guy Lepage and the error has still not been corrected on the magazine’s website.

And the only other Quebec “personality” to rise in this ranking of influence is a dead … Joyce Echaquan (3e position).

It’s still weird that someone like Laurent Duvernay-Tardif is not in this list. And that no big name from Quebec inc. slipped there. Alain Bouchard from Couche-Tard who is trying to buy the French giant Carrefour, it is not important enough for Maclean’s ?


This record is a perfect compendium of woke political correctness. Activists for indigenous rights, against racism or for gender diversity are those who happen to have the most influence and power in the eyes of Maclean’s.

In the description of trans comedian Elliot Page (Juno, Umbrella Academy), we are told that “the trans community has long lamented that Caitlyn Jenner, a longtime Republican, is its most visible representative.”

While Page, him, leans on the political side … Hey misery.

But what really makes me feel like I’m leafing through a magazine from a distant land is that aside from the obvious names of politicians (O’Toole, Singh, Kenney, Tam, Freeland, Ford, etc.), I don’t know either Eve or Adam half of the people who are supposedly the most influential and powerful in the country!

And if I were walking on Grande Allée, in Quebec, or rue Sainte-Catherine, in Montreal, and I submitted the names of these supposedly very powerful personalities, I am sure that Mr. and Mrs. Everybody would not know either. more.

If I tell you Linda Hasenfratz, Terri-Lynn Williams-Davidson (Gid7ahl-Gudsllaay Lalaxaaygans), Chamath Palihapitiya, Teara Fraser, does that mean anything to you?

I do not question the presence of these people on the list. I’m just saying that the magazine portrays a country that I don’t know.

By reading the list of Maclean’s, a song by Charlebois came to mind: “Canada ha ha ha ha ha ha. What is what this is ha ha ha ha ha ha? “.

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