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What If: Marvel Makes This Exciting Statement About Season 3

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May19,2024

What If: Marvel makes this exciting statement about season 3

After the success of the first The first season ofX-Men '97, which proves that viewers are eager to see more of their favorite characters in drawn form, which ;Marvel series officially confirmedwill be broadcast first? A thorny question to be answered which the producer responded to Head of the Streaming, Television and Animation sectors at Marvel Studios, Brad Winderbaum.

this animated series should be next on marvel's list

The first season of X-Men '97 had the effect a tornado among Marvel fans. Thislittle gem of animation with with a retro vibe, faithful to the original series while giving it modernity. welcome, unanimously to the public. And that's good news, since other cartoons will soon be broadcast on Disney+. There will be Eyes of Wakanda, Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man, Marvel Zombies < /em>as well as season 3 of What if?. Earlier this week, Marvel Television announced release dates for its live-action series, but unfortunately not for its animated series. However, during an interview with our colleagues at ComicBook, executive producer and head of television, streaming and animation at Marvel Studios,Brad Winderbaum, sold the wick.

What If: Marvel Makes This Exciting Statement About Season 3

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The third season of What If? is… could be the one that comes out next, in terms of animation. It is the culmination of a trilogy. We're close to finishing it, and it really feels like we've had an incredible emotional experience with Uatu, in a way that is. .. What's great about The Watcher is that he comes off as uncaring, cold and just an observer, but he's more concerned with the truth. than anyone else. This is what emerges from the third season.

After a second season considered the highest rated MCU work of 2023 , What if? should therefore return very soon for new episodes, at according to Brad Winderbaum, who nevertheless did not give any details. of date.

And you, are you looking forward to

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