What he’s doing! 17-year-old goalkeeper of “Dynamo” became “Neymar” by giving awesome tricks on the beach

This is exactly the shot?! Young Alex Slutsky treats the ball like a real Brazilian geek

Despite the decision of the football authorities to complete the youth Championships of Ukraine, the 17-year-old goalkeeper of Dynamo (U-19) Alex Slutsky individual training on the quarantine did not stop. Moreover, the guy effectively they diversified, tried to get on Instagram-channel 433, where the coolest videos from the world of football.

This goalkeeper Alex Sukhotsky was reincarnated as a field player – such to itself “the Ukrainian Neymar”. And as “Copacabana” for him made beach on the banks of the Kiev sea in the holiday village Rovzhi, Vyshgorodskiy district, whose population at the 2001 census was 37.

Not giving a leather projectile to fall onto the sand, Alex began doing cool tricks with the ball, and then interrupting it through a mesh stretched on a pretty decent height. It turned out very bright! Especially when you consider that all of this was played by the Keeper! “If not hard, check the “433” in the comments” – called on its subscribers Slutsky. Those without stint, began to support him.

Earlier, due to the steep feint in the company of stars of football came Prodigy from Shakhtar. On channel 433 made it video featuring Michael Mudrik, who after a long pass inexplicably took the ball one touch as if he just stuck to his leg.

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