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What happened to the actors in the series 'El Internado'

What happened to the actors in the series 'El Internado'

El Internado is back: Las cumbres , a new installment —with a new cast and a new home— of the popular youth series El Internado, which aired on Antena 3 between 2007 and 2010 and which served as a quarry for many actors today with great known faces and popular on the national scene. It returns this Friday although this time the cast is totally new, the plot is independent of the previous successful fiction and it will not be able to be seen in open, but Amazon Prime Video will be the platform in charge of its broadcast, it is inevitable to look at almost 11 years ago and remember that cast of young performers who caught viewers for seven seasons, turning the Globomedia series into one of the best productions in the world and one of the best-selling to the international market in those years. But what has become of the protagonists?

Martiño Rivas, Marcos

The success of his role in youth fiction opened the doors to the big screen and Martiño Rivas made his film debut with José Luis Cuerda with Los girasoles blind (2008), for which he obtained his first Goya nomination for best newcomer actor. After this came other titles such as Three more weddings (2013) or For a handful of kisses (2014), although he has focused part of his career in the theater, such as Jauría , the play that recounts the trial of La Manada whose tour has arrived to its end this February.

Ana de Armas, Carolina

She became the most acclaimed face of fiction . A Cuban hitherto unknown in Spain with intense honey green eyes went on to become the object of paparazzi in a matter of days and the star of the covers of teenage magazines of the time. “It was a big change for me. Almost overnight I became so famous, to be recognized on the street and for everyone to stop me… it was surreal ”, she commented. After the series that catapulted her to fame and a movie on the big screen, Mentiras y gordas (2009) and Por un puñado de besos (2014), Ana De Armas returned to her native Cuba before making the leap to Los Angeles to look in Hollywood for what Spain could not offer. Other films with renowned interpreters, Stone Hands with Robert de Niro, Toc Toc or Exposed with Keanu Reeves or Blad Runner 2049 , with Ryan Gosling and Harrison Ford, established their path in the film mecca, where it is more than settled thanks to the last titles you have worked on. Daggers in the Back , which earned her her first Golden Globe nomination, will be the new Bond girl in the latest installment of Agent 007's saga that opens in October and is awaiting release Blonde , the Netflix film about Marilyn Monroe, to which the Cuban gives life. His personal life has also attracted great interest. She was married for two years to the Catalan actor Marc Clotet but it has been her courtship (and breakup) with Ben Affleck this last year that has placed Ana de Armas in the spotlight of all the tabloids.

Blanca Suárez, Julia

Tras the success of fiction, Blanca Suárez established herself as one of the leading actresses on the national scene . She became an Almodóvar girl thanks to La piel que habito (2012), a film for which she received her first Goya nomination as a revelation actress, or Los Lovers Passengers (2013) and has starred in other films such as El bar (2017), Losing the North (2015) In spite of everything (2019) or The summer we live (2020). Also great series such as El barco or Las chicas del cable , his latest work on the small screen that swept the world by the hand of Netflix that, in addition to sharing the limelight with his colleagues Martiño Rivas and Jon González, awarded him the Platinum Award for best female performance in a Miniseries or Teleseries. In 2011, she became the most sought-after interpreter on the Internet and her work has placed her on the target of the press of the heart on several occasions, always determined to find her a partner, but it has also opened the doors to publicity. It is raffled by brands and it is the image of firms such as Samsung, Woman's Secret, Jaguar, Angel Schlesser, Royal Bliss, Adidas or Guerlain.

Yon González, Iván

Although his face was already familiar from the series such as SMS , where he coincided with Amaia Salamanca or Mario Casas in the beginning, it was the character of Iván in El internado that made Yon González a star at only 20 years old. From there came work on films such as Mentiras y gordas (2009), where he coincided with Ana de Armas, El club de los incomprendidos (2014) and Perdiendo el norte (2015), among others, although the Guipuzcoan has focused the bulk of his career on the small screen . In Gran Reserva he worked with his brother, Aitor Luna, and received two Silver Photograms for his work in Gran Hotel and Under Suspicion .

Elena Furiase, Vicky

Lolita Flores' daughter will always be accompanied by her last name, but the lack of papers in large productions it led him to try his luck in fashion. Elena Furiase , who is finalizing the preparations for her wedding with the father of her two-year-old son , combines her role as a businesswoman with her own clothing brand Anelle Studio , with some collaborations in television series ( Amar es para siempre , Centro Médico and Arde Madrid , among others) and entertainment programs. She participated in MasterChef Celibrity and is a collaborator of Como Sapiens , the gastronomy program of TVE.

Daniel Retuerta, Roque

Perhaps the one who has lost track the most has been Dani Retuerta, Roque in the series, and who was previously known like Lolo, for playing Eva Santolaria's little brother in Compañeros . He has collaborated on shorts, opened a YouTube channel and now tries his luck in music, but just a few weeks ago he denounced on his social networks the ordeal that he has been living for eleven years, paying for the sins committed by his character. Retuerta was the great traitor of the Laguna Negra boarding school, leading to the death of Cayetano and putting the rest of his classmates in a difficult position, always in fiction.

Luis Merlo, Héctor

His face was already familiar to most viewers when he took on the role of Héctor, the director of the Laguna Negra boarding school. In addition to his family origins in acting, Luis Merlo acquired great popularity thanks to his character Mauri, in the series Here there is no one who lives . In fact, La que se avecina , the continuation of the comedy, refused to participate when it changed from being broadcast from Antena 3 to Telecinco, due to the El Internado project. However, years later he joined the cast of the Neighbors series created by the brothers Alberto and Laura Caballero. He has interspersed his television projects with successful plays , such as The Test , The Credit and The Grönholm Method , among others. In 2017 a small health scare led him to remain hospitalized for a few days due to respiratory failure from which he has already fully recovered.

Amparo Baró, Jacinta

Although his most remembered character will always be Sole, from 7 Lives , Amparo Baró returned to Spanish homes one year after the last episode of Telecinco comedy to give life to Jacinta, the housekeeper of El Internado . That same year, 2007, she received her Goya for Best Supporting Actress for Seven French Pool Tables (2007), the film by Gracia Querejeta. Later she participated in a television program, another film, Maktub (2011) and a play, but ended up moving away from the stage until her death in 2015 at the age of 77.

Marta Hazas, Amelia

To interpret the teacher Amelia Ugarte At El Internado , Marta Hazas assumed a leading role with the Bandolera , Gran Hotel , Velvet and Velvet Collection series . Now she combines her collaborations in El Hormiguero with the recently released third part of Pequeñas coincidences , the series in which she stars with her husband, Javier Veiga , also creator of the fiction that can be seen on Amazon Prime Video.

Marta Torné, María

Se She became known as a collaborator of programs such as Big Brother: the debate or TNT but it was her character as a maid in El Internado that catapulted her to fame. After this came other series such as Los protected , Gran Reserva , Six sisters and Velvet Collection and in this time Marta Torné has interspersed her profession as an actress with that of a contestant or presenter of programs such as Talk to them , Change me or Infiltrated person .

Raúl Fernández by Pablo, Fermín

When he played Fermín, the chef and great revelation of El Internado , Raúl Fernández combined his work in fiction with theater, where he has developed his profession the most. Afterwards, he has continued interspersing his work on the stage with the small screen, with other successful series such as Con el culo al aire , Six sisters and El pueblo .

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