What functions does Apple's new iCloud design bring?

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Users can now write documents in Pages, Numbers, and Keynote, as well as Google Docs

What features does Apple's new iCloud design bring

iCloud has a new interface. (photo: iCloud/Apple)

After many years without changes, the website for iCloud has had a complete makeover< /b>. The aesthetic change it received was in the testing phase for quite some time, but finally Apple pulled it out of beta and released it to all users in the world.

To see for yourself, just go to the iCloud website. Being once on the page, you have to log in and see the new look now. Apple has taken it upon itself to highlight the tools you use at the top of the web, so as soon as you log in, you'll see a collection of apps and data synced to your Apple devices /b>.

Among the features available are the classic Photos, Mail, iCloud Drive, Calendar and Notes app. But that is not the only thing that can be found. The Cupertino-based folks have also taken it upon themselves to integrate other apps like Pages, Numbers, Keynoteand others. If any Infobae reader is not familiar with them, these three programs make up Apple's own office suite.

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< p class="paragraph">iCloud has the look it deserves from Apple

Following the aesthetics of iOS 16, Apple wants for the user to personalize their new iCloud page according to the user's discretion. Therefore, you can now set a new wallpaper for your site and customize the design of ice tiles and widgets, or remove them entirely depending on your preferences.

At the end of the web you can see a new section where iCloud informs about the user's storage contract and how to use it. Here you can also easily recover deleted files from iCloud Drive or other apps using the link.

HomeKit and iCloud are also integrated better with the web With the button, the user can access the HomeKit Secure Video function, which will allow you to view the data collected by the cameras connected to the account on video.

What features does Apple's new iCloud design bring

New iCloud interface. (photo: iCloud/Jose Arana)

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On the other hand, other features of the iCloud service are also available, such as Hide My Email, Private Relay, and more.

Overall, it seems like a decent modern iCloud experience. Until now, iCloud for the web seemed like a really watered-down version of today, offering very basic features like finding your devices or viewing photos in the cloud. Today, you can even write documents in Pages, Numbers, and Keynote, as well as Google Docs.

How to use Google's free password manager iCloud

To use this tool you must go through a simple activation process. The first thing is to sign in on the iPhone with the Apple ID, then go to Settings and search for iCloud, then the Keyring option will appear and there the activation button.

In case of doing it from a Mac you will have to go to System Preferences, sign in, find iCloud, then Keychainand activate the button. But if it is done from a computer with Windows you have to first install iCloud, log in with your Apple account, go to Password< /b> and activate it.

What functions does Apple's new iCloud design bring

(Photo: Windows)

In this way the user will have all the devices in which you will use that private data, such as passwords and credit cards, which allows the process to be completed automatically or the entry is more direct when using a service.

For To see the saved passwords in Keychain, just go to Setup > Passwords, where the list of stored passwords and the website in which they are used will appear. There will be the editing option, in case you need to change something.

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