Westcol, Aida Victoria Merlano's boyfriend, affirmed that he does not have a drug life

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The 'streamer' responded to the criticism he receives on social networks in which they affirm that he has ties to drug trafficking and what he thinks of the 'haters' '

Westcol, Aida Victoria Merlano's boyfriend, affirmed that he does not have a drug life

Aida Victoria Merlano's boyfriend, known as Westcol, replied that he does not have a drug life. Taken from social networks

A whole controversy has been generated around the new relationship of Aida Victoria Merlano with the stremaer known as Westcol, after, a few weeks after ending her courtship with the urban music singer, Naldy, she became romantically involved with a man much younger than her and with whom she has been seen to be more affectionate than normal.< /p>

Since that moment when she confirmed her new sentimental situation with the influencer paisa, the former congresswoman's daughter has had to face hundreds of criticismsdue to the way in which the young man allegedly accumulates large sums of money to indulge in the luxuries that he boasts on social networks, as well as the most recent gift to Merlano Manzaneda.

However, Westcol has decided to clarify through its social networks that the lifestyle and luxuries that the Barranquilla experience is due to the transmissions it makes on its Twitch account, with which he was able to give a van to the influencer accused of helping his mother escape from a dental office located north of Bogotá and for which he is awaiting the decision that would ratify his sentence to 7.5 years of home prison .

It was through a round of questions through his InstaStories in which the young man denied one by one those accusations that exist against him. The first question was formulated as follows: “How old are you ass? They say the life of a mere narco and it's a mere sardine”.

Westcol, Aida Victoria Merlano's boyfriend, affirmed that he does not have a life as a drug trafficker

WestCol publication celebrating the purchase of his new truck. His girlfriend, Aida Victoria Merlano, expressed her happiness for the acquisition

In her response, she assured that this has “nothing to do” with her profession as a streamer, and also assured that many people think it “came out of nowhere”, but he affirmed that he has been doing his transmissions via streaming for more than seven years and that his recognition today is due to the TikTok videos in which he is involved in different controversies.

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And he added: “anything I say goes viral there and a lot of people are getting to know me and they think I came out of nowhere, but I've been streaming for many years before TikTok existed so it's not a drug life,< /i> I have been working for many years”.

In his answers, the paisa assured that he does not consider himself a successful person, this because his visibility on social networks increases with the passing of time and also taking into account that he maintains a relationship with one of the content creators that has the most interaction with Internet users, which exposes his image even more.

He also assured that he is working to become someone successful “God willing in the future, we will reach that plan, that it depends on how you see success”, added Westcol.

Regarding the haters, the streamer assured that are necessary in the lives of those who are in search of success “those are the ones that give you the most interactions”, asserted the paisa.

And he concluded saying: “They are always commenting with anger and that generates interaction, the algorithm and a lot of things make you grow a lotThere are people who live off 'haters' and it is something impressive”.

Then, the statements of the 'streamer' Westcol, partner of Aida Victoria Merlano:

Internet users They asked questions about the luxuries that he boasts in his networks and the young man assured that everything is the result of his work as a streamer