Werevertumorro condemned Mexicans who infiltrated alcohol into Qatar: “They are going to have the problem of their lives”

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A video that circulated on social networks showed the moment in which a “Tri” fan showed a bottle that he hid in the airport of the foreign country

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Werevertumorro condemned Mexicans who infiltrated alcohol into Qatar: “Van to have the problem of their lives”

werevertumorro gave his opinion on Mexican fans who brought alcohol to Qatar (Screenshot/Tiktok/Youtube)

The World Cup Qatar 2022is just around the corner and fans from all over the world have already begun to take their respective planes to witness one of the most important sports fairs in recent years. However, Mexico has already begun to generate controversy after it was revealed that some compatriots infiltrated alcohol into the Middle Eastern country.

Given these events, users on social networks did not hesitate to show their discontent with those involved and Gabriel Montiel, better known as Werevertumorro, condemned the situation.

It was through his Twitter account where the youtuber -who is already in Qatar- was baffled.

“Hey, Mexicans who are doing the blow job of smuggling illegal things into Qatar. They can get into a fart and if they already did it and it worked for them, don't upload it to TikTok my cherubs”, he began to write.

In the same way, the influencer warned young people to be careful with their actions and respect the established rules, otherwise they could have serious problems.

“They don't know if after a while They can go for you or when they leave they're going to have the fart of their lives. Neta”, he posted.

Social network users quickly reacted to Werevertumorro's message and agreed with the famous one.

“The dudes who didn't read your Twitter on time and already uploaded it.” “Wow I love you. But you spread the word to the assholes so they can catch them. Hush”. “Exactly, people should be aware of what they do, it's like signing a contract without understanding that they are taking away from you”

Werevertumorro condemned Mexicans who infiltrated alcohol into Qatar: “They are going to have the problem of their lives”

<a href="https://twitter.com/werevertumorro/status/1593508792058118146"> </a>How the Mexicans brought alcohol into Qatar

It was from TikTok where a user identified as Ricardo (@ricardo84256) shared a clip where You can see how a Mexican tourist walks through one of the Qatar airports while innocently carrying a Mexican shirt in his hand.

However, as he approached the camera, he moved his national team jersey a little to show that he was hiding a bottle of alcohol.

Although the audiovisual that Captioned: “Trafficking alcohol to Qatar” lasted just 25 seconds, the video quickly reached more than 400,000 views.

Netizens immediately took umbrage with the Mexicans, pointing out that These types of actions made the country look bad.


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“The first World Cup arrestee”. “And the guys record the evidence with his face and in his own profile.” “That World Cup crap hasn't started yet and they're already breaking the rulesjsjs calm countrymen “. “When they tell you not to do it, the more you do it”, are some of the mentions that appeared.

Despite the comments from Internet users, the fan who posted the TikTok He was not intimidated and in other clips he added: “A mezcalito also came out” and “For those fearful of the Qatari law, there is also tequila here, but pure José Cuervo”.

During the morning of November 18, FIFA confirmed through its social networks the ban on the sale of beer in stadiums during the World Cup.

“Following the conversations held between the authorities of the organizing country and FIFA, the decision has been made to focus the sale of alcoholic beverages on the FIFA Fan Festival, other meeting places for fans and licensed venues to do this, and remove the beer sales points from the perimeter of the stadiums of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022″, they published on the website.