“We’re like a puzzle that came together”: Vladimir Ostapchuk has officially unveiled the girl

The entertainer also admitted, ready for the second marriage

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"Мы - как пазлы, которые сошлись": Владимир Остапчук официально представил свою девушку

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Rumors that Vladimir Ostapchuk is in a new relationship, appeared almost immediately after he announced the divorce with his ex-wife Elena Voychenko. As reported in the “Sravi way”, a popular girl lead was 33-year-old notary named Christine. Supposedly they met in the summer at a wedding in Italy, which was led by Ostapchuk.

A few months later, Vladimir Ostapchuk decided to show his mate. The showman and his girlfriend gave an exclusive interview Today.Lifestyle and told how he conceived of their relationship whether they are living together and planning to get married.

Vladimir, why are you so long concealed your girl? What prompted you to introduce the beloved?

Vladimir: I believe that love and happiness love peace. But now the time has come to say that it is love that is a relationship that lasts longer than six months. So I see nothing strange in the fact, to report it.

Cristina: I’m not a public person. And so we jointly made the decision not to publicize the relationship until the time comes.

"Мы - как пазлы, которые сошлись": Владимир Остапчук официально представил свою девушку

Vladimir Ostapchuk and Cristina miner

How did you react when all the media wrote that Vladimir Ostapchuk meets new girl, and also showed a photo of Christina and has declassified its account in social networks?

Vladimir: I had mixed feelings. On the one hand I understood that I was a public person, and, sooner or later, my love will be known. Because people follow parallel for my account and for the account of Christina. On the other hand, Christine is not a public man, and never aspired to it. So I tried it to save.

She said that she was hard enough to adapt, to be on everyone’s mind. That’s why we some of the time this question does not comment. But it’s time to say that Yes, it is my love! Yes, her name is Christina! And Yes, your guesses, if such were, were confirmed.

By the way, we have already formed a fan club! It all started with the fact that I had someone in PM wrote: “Yes, you fix it the faucet!”. At first I did not understand, what for the faucet. And only later did I think to go to the storis to Cristina’s where she said she is looking for a master. And then I realized that there is a whole “army” of fans that follow me and for her, some chess-vychisleny. He’s here and she’s there, there are arms, legs… And many liked this game.

Christina: I Want to say that the reaction was different. For me, of course, many signed. There were no comments from the haters, but this is just a projection of their own fears and insights from heard and thought!

But it is very much warm feedback. I write every day, I motivate my subscribers to go forward, to move toward success and happiness. There were even those who told their life stories that live unfortunately in marriage, and to change something to be afraid of. There were those who at first was aggressive, and by the time I wrote that now I understand, Vladimir, I’m a very bright and interesting person.

"Мы - как пазлы, которые сошлись": Владимир Остапчук официально представил свою девушку

Vladimir Ostapchuk and Cristina miner

Where did you meet Christina? How to develop your novel?

Vladimir: Our first encounter happened in late August, at the wedding in Italy, where I worked as a leading, and Christina was a guest, a bridesmaid. But then we caught up with a couple of organizational issues. After that we disappeared for a while.

And all would be forgotten, and we never would have met each other. I actually already being a bachelor (my divorce case – the bureaucracy – was already running) and would be engaged in the Affairs, but… In my life was that lucky moment. We crossed paths backstage of the show “Dances with stars z” she came to support his friend Igor Kuzmenko, also participated in the project. We talked, and then had weeks of conversation, companionship, the first date, our Paris…

Christina: Love at first sight, we were not. We passed all the lovely progressive stages: acquaintance, friendship, fellowship, sympathy, and came to love!

"Мы - как пазлы, которые сошлись": Владимир Остапчук официально представил свою девушку

Vladimir Ostapchuk and Cristina miner

Christina, what are you thankful for Vladimir and that most now appreciate in a relationship?

I am grateful to Vladimir for his attitude to me, to my soul, for his warm hands and sparkling eyes for which I want to get better. Thank you for every day of our life in a positive way that never allows us to lose heart, and also our shared belief that then everything will be even more beautiful! Thank you for his love and for accepting my love!

Vladimir, what are you grateful for Christine?

I am grateful to Christina for what she is. For our very Mature, cool-headed relationship. And for the fact that it broadcasts the right attitude to life, same as I’m broadcasting “Live here and now! Be happy here and now!” I really appreciate that in our relationship. I love her lightness, beauty, and sexuality can be called many epithets… And it’s all things that I admire most. I’m learning a lot with her as she is in a relationship with me. We complement each other. We’re like the puzzle that came together. It’s a strange feeling, but I like it.

Are you ready for a second marriage (in the future)?

Vladimir: If we consider marriage as a legal term when a man and a woman some legitimately confirm their relationship, how the person who had the experience of marriage, I can tell you that the stamp in the passport solves nothing. It is possible to live all your life with someone, being in an open relationship, have wonderful children and a beautiful family. If I’m ready for the family? Yes! I’m a family. I really like to be with Kristina. I love her. And the stamps in the passport – it is another or third…

Who Christina miner

Christine 33 years. She was born in Lviv, but his parents moved to Uzhgorod, where she lived until the age of 17. After she went to the capital to study at KNU.Taras Shevchenko, law faculty.

"Мы - как пазлы, которые сошлись": Владимир Остапчук официально представил свою девушку

10 years Christine miner works as a notary, who runs her own notary office. Since childhood, she danced professionally engaged in ballroom dancing. Christina – candidate master of sports, plays the piano, interested in various motivational workshops and books, psychology, graduated from the first stage of group Gestalt therapy, loves of travel and beautiful designs of apartments.

Vladimir Ostapchuk they are familiar with August 2019, but started in the fall, met by chance on a show “Dances with stars z”, where Christina came to support his friend – a participant of the program. In may lovers have started to rent an apartment together.

Previously Elena Voychenko said the official divorce with Vladimir Ostapchuk.

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