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WELLBOY showed the power of love in the new music video “Numbers”, created with the help of AI

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May26,2024

WELLBOY showed the power of love in the new music video


The well-known Ukrainian artist Wellboy, who has long won the hearts of listeners with his hits, continues to delight his fans with new musical masterpieces since the beginning of 2024. This time it's the romantic track “Numbers”.

Wellboy surprises his fans again with the premiere of the single “Numbers”, which has already gone viral on TikTok. The video with the chorus has received more than a million views, and users are actively publishing their original ideas to this sound.

The composition “Numbers” tells the love story of two characters, who were looking for each other in different worlds and finally found themselves in one of them. The song is full of emotions and symbolism, where Wellboy skillfully conveys the depth of feelings with the help of numbers.

This is a kind of story, where numbers become symbols of love, and each number hides an emotional code that only the one who opens it can solve your heart The artist also drew a parallel with the numerical matrix in which people drowned.

We live in very difficult times. I want to remind everyone that right now it is important not to close in on yourself and your thoughts. It's time to sit in the room, writing news in Telegram. It's time to finally get out of the matrix and look around! Our closest people need our attention. Maybe somewhere nearby there is a person who dreams of becoming a part of your life. Have the courage to let her into your world and you will notice how everything around you shines, – noted Wellboy.

The artist also surprised fans with his approach to creating a music video for the song “Numbers”. The video work was made with the help of artificial intelligence, which is a rather unexpected decision after everything that the artist and his fans went through just a year ago.

Natasha Kumar

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